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Switchable Uniboot LC Fiber Patch Cables from Huihong Fiber, Inc

October 2, 2019

The LC Switchable Uniboot LC Cables allows two fibers to pass through a 2.0 mm single sheath for high-density fiber wiring that requires space savings and reduced cable management issues in the data center. The LC-LC Uniboot design allows a cable to carry two fibers at the same time. The reverse polarity design allows for quick and easy polarity conversion without exposing fiber or requiring any tools.

Has the polarity changed when running a fiber jumper? How long did it take you to finish the work? Are you wrong and polarity is a complicated thing. Engineers must be very careful to ensure that the transmit signal (Tx) on one side matches the corresponding receiver (Rx) on the other side. If polarity does not match, signal transmission may be affected.

The LC Switchable Uniboot LC Cable single-boot cable is your choice. We all know that the polarity conversion of traditional LC cables will require re-terminating the connectors. This can take a lot of time and cause errors. Also, you need special tools to complete the process. Unlike common LC jumpers, this switchable single-boot cable supports polarity switching without re-terminating the connector. You can quickly change polarity in the field without using tools to change the correct fiber mapping polarity.

The fiber will not be damaged. In addition to polarity issues, engineers may experience space and airflow constraints when building infrastructure in high-density data centers. What’s the matter? Switchable Uniboot cables are definitely a good choice. The cable is designed as a round-style 2mm jack cable, rather than a zip cord duplex cable, reducing cable size and increasing density by 60%. The switchable single-boot cable is therefore conducive to space saving and cooling.