AIV XXIII conference

September 20, 2018

Florence, April 5-7

We will be in Florence, April 5-7, at the AIV XXIII conference talking about our UHV components and technology we are developing for Nuclear Fusion.

The conference focuses on several strategic and fundamental goals of the Horizon 2020 program. This will be a forum for researchers to present the most recent developments, provide prospects for development, promote competitiveness and innovation in global economic growth and stimulate collaborative efforts between researchers and the  industrial world. Topic sessions include Vacuum Technology, Industrial Sessions and Nuclear Fusion Technology,

Allectra has recently developed new limit switches (363-VH3-1), a high temperature, high radiation resistant switch with all materials compliant to ITER specifications, as well as Kapton ® insulated radiation resistant cables. For an overview of Kapton and PEEK insulated wires, visit allectra.

Limit switch