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Activities report of the IUVSTA Nanometer Structure Division (NSD), to ECM 127

March 26, 2018

NSD Activities report to ECM 127

This written report has  been  prepared  by  the  division  officers  for  the  ECM  127 and covers  the  period  between ECM 126 (29th and 1st October 2017 in  Sofia) and ECM 127 to  be held  between 09 11 February 2018, Cebu Island in Philippines.

OFFICERS of the Nanometer Structures division NSD
Chair: Ana Cristina G. Silva, Portugal
Vice-chair: Christian Teichert, Austria
Secretary Sidney R. Cohen, Israel

IUVSTA Workshops and Schools

84th  IUVSTA  Workshop on “Surface Micro Spectroscopy and Spectro Microscopy: Nano-Characterization of Electronic Interfaces and Related Transport Phenomena” , September 2 5 September 2018, chaired by Sidney Cohen and Hagai Cohen from Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel:

– The initial invited speakers have been secured for the workshop.
– Together with the conference unit at the Weizmann Institute, the local arrangements have been
– Official website is open
– Abstract Submission deadline May 10, 2018
– Early bird Registration deadline July 1, 2018

17th  IUVSTA   SCHOOL  on, 18 22 February, 2019, proposed by Ana G Silva, International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL), Braga, Portugal:

– Deadline for all members of NSD division to suggest potential invited lectures: 15th January 2018
– Official website have been prepared and will open soon.

ICN T July 22 27, 2018 with IUVSTA NSD as co organizer

ICN T 2018. ICNT 2018, Brno, Czech Republic submission.htm#top

– Suggestions for potential invited and keynote speakers have been proposed to the main organizers.  A confirmed list of invited speakers is already on webpage

IVC 21, July 1st 5th, 2019

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– A ranked list with suggestions for invited and plenary speakers has been proposed by NSD together with the ICN T Steering committee Co chairs. The ranked list has been proposed jointly (NSD and ICN T Steering committee co chairs).

87th Workshop on July 1 5, 2018 in Ávila, Spain: Suggestions for potential invited and keynote speakers have been proposed to the main organizers.


  • 10th Jubilee  Conference  of  the  Balkan  Physical  Union  (BPU10)  to  be organized  by  the  Union  of Physicists in Bulgaria, August 26 30, 2018.
  • 9th  International  Workshop  on  Surface  Physics     Nanostructured  surfaces,  IWSP,  July  2019, proposed  date  one  week  before  or  after  IVC 21, July  2019,  to  be  organized  by  Polish  Vacuum  Society and proposed by the Chair of Applied Surface Science Division ASSD, Leszek Markowsky.