Medical physics

Activity Report – Vacuum Science and Technology Division (VSTD)

April 16, 2018

BVC Meeting – 20th March 2018

Activities since the last meeting:-

(1) 21st IVC Planning (2019) – In progress….

A call went out to the VSTD division delegates for the formation of a “External Program Committee for IVC21 VSTD”. The following members have agreed to serve and several others are expected.

  • Jay Hendricks, Chair (USA
  • Martin Wuest, Swiss Vacuum Society
  • Joe Herbert, UK
  • Jean Louis Bersier, France
  • Per Eklund
  • Marcelo Ferreira
  • Ute Bergner, Germany
  • James Fedchak, USA
  • Chong-Do Park, Korea
  • Maximo Lopez Cinvestav, Mexico

Start looking for Satellite workshops & Schools

(2) EVC-15 planning is complete, programme has developed well with high submission rate (275 total).

REGISTRATION IS OPEN! – Venue is CICG Conference Centre, Geneva


Vacuum in Accelerators, Contributed 18, Poster 21

Thin Film & Surface Engineering, Contributed 28, Poster 29

Plasma Science & Technology, Contributed 6, Poster 4

Vacuum Science & Technology, Contributed 42, Poster 22

Surface Science & Applied Surface Science, Contributed 23, Poster 11

Nanometer Structures & Nanotechnology, Contributed 14, Poster 14

Biointerfaces, Contributed 5, Poster 2

Electronic Materials & Processing, Contributed 6, Poster 5

IUVSTA 60th Anniversary Special Session – MONDAY AFTERNOON – June 18th 2018


Special Session

Joe Greene, U. of Illinois (US), Linköping University (SE), Taiwan Tech (TW)

History of Materials Science since the Big Bang

Anne L’Huillier, Lund University (SE)

Exploring Matter at Ultrashort Time Scales

Cristoforo Benvenuti, CERN (CH) ret.

Getter Pumping for Accelerators

Claude Nicollier, ESA (EU) ret.

Working in vacuum ‐ Extravehicular Activities around the ISS

(3) EVC 16 will skip 1 year and so not be held in 2020 but 2021. This is due to clashes with other meetings that is more significant than usual.

(4) VST ISO TC Recommended Practices

Recent activity New AVS Recommended Practice for the Calibration of Gauges of Ionization Type was Submitted to JVST on Feb. 5th, 2018

Work also involved looking at the Quantum SI – Eg. Fixed Length Optical Cavity will replace the Mercury Manometer/McLeod Gauge.