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Know Your Helium Options

August 17, 2016

If you have ever considered recovering your helium gas, then you are well aware of the threat of introducing impurities to the helium supply. Dirty helium can decrease the productivity of your liquefier, add downtime and maintenance, and even worse, affect your experiments.

Cryomech offers a multitude of options as part of a complete recovery solution, ranging from simple LN2 based systems to sophisticated dry purifiers. We can even develop closed loop systems that can protect you from introducing impurities altogether.

The most mature of our offerings is our original liquid nitrogen based purifier that is developed around the same cold trap technology we use every day during our cryorefrigerator manufacturing process. This unit is both cost effective and only requires periodic trap changes, making it a simple yet efficient solution.

The next generation of purification from Cryomech introduced our dry Automatic Purifier. Utilizing our proven single stage GM cryorefrigerators, this unit is intended to be installed and left to manage itself. The trap automatically regenerates when it becomes saturated and does not require a user to change traps or refill LN2.

We feel the ultimate solution would be to develop a closed cycle recovery loop where impurities are never introduced. Check back to see if Cryomech can provide the perfect recovery system where purifiers are no longer needed.