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Recharge With Inrad Optics at Photonics West: Booth #944

January 31, 2019

In need of a recharge? Visit Inrad Optics at Photonics West, Booth #944. In addition to giving away free Moleskine notebooks, we’ll have a phone charging station on hand so you can stay connected during the show.

Photonics West 2019, the world’s largest photonics technologies event, will take place February 2–7 in San Francisco. We’re featuring several crystal-based optical components and devices, including large-scale transmission flats, mirrors, large-aperture Pockels Cells and our award-winning Scintinel™ stilbene—a scintillator used for fast neutron detection.

Scintinel™ Stilbene for Next-Generation Radiation Detection


One of our featured products at Photonics West is our crystal Scintinel™ stilbene. This organic scintillator emits light in the presence of nuclear radiation and has excellent properties for neutron detection. Inrad Optics has developed a process for growing high-quality stilbene crystals for commercial use. These neutron detector assemblies are designed for up to 5 inch diameter scintillation crystals.

Learn more about our award-winning Scintinel™ stilbene at Photonics West booth, #944, or visit our website.