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CLEAVEMETER 3DTM – New Models Featuring Fiber End Face Inspection with High Resolution, Autofocus, and High Accuracy

July 11, 2019

NYFORS is pleased to announce three extensions to its CLEAVEMETER 3DTM line of optical fiber interferometers, the CLEAVEMETER 3DTM. The new first new system feature provides higher resolution images and accepts larger fiber sizes, up to 2000 μm cladding diameter (CLEAVEMETER 3D HD), the second provides significantly higher resolution to 0.02° (CLEAVEMETER 3D+), and the third provides a camera with Autofocus (CLEAVEMETER 3D AF).

The CLEAVEMETER 3D HD incorporates a new more powerful camera enabling higher camera resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels with an improved image scale of 1.07 μm per pixel. It is a non-contact interferometer designed for inspecting the end-faces of and precise information on important end-face properties such as flatness, perpendicularity, hackles and dust. In addition to producing sharp fringe patterns it also generates three-dimensional images of the cleaved fiber end with higher clarity than the CLEAVEMETER 3D.

The system can be used to measure a number of end face properties such as cleave angles, plane angles, fiber diameters and the distance between points. The software allows the user to view the pointwise slope across the whole fiber end-face, a very useful tool for spotting small scale irregularities and crack propagation behaviour.

These measurements are carried out automatically, with full operator independence. This makes the system well suited not only for detailed cleave quality analysis in laboratory environments, but also for close production monitoring.

NYFORS CEO Erik Böttcher explains, “the increased resolution of the three-dimensional image is especially powerful for analyzing complicated structures such as polarization maintaining fibers, or micro-structured fibers. He added “this is also valuable for applications demanding high precision and repeatability.”

The CLEAVEMETER 3D+ upgrades the software and hardware of our current CLEAVEMETER 3D to significantly improve the accuracy of the measured angle of the fiber end-face. The device can extract an angle with standard deviation less than 0.02° in less than 1 minute. Even higher accuracies can be attained. The device is compatible with fiber clamps from Fujikura, Fitel and other splicer manufacturers, which make fiber handling quick and simple. It also comes with a substantial software upgrade that allows for more statistical analysis of any cleave.

Highly accurate cleaves are very important for sensitive splicing and sensor technologies. The CLEAVEMETER 3D+ allows for an unprecedented accuracy in the final angle measurement of a cleave, which can increase the yield and production speed for demanding applications.

The CLEAVEMETER 3D AF eliminates the need for the operator to focus the camera manually focus the camera to obtain the best end face images. The process becomes more automated in this way, allowing the operator to focus on other tasks.

The CLEAVEMETERTM 3D new features will be further presented at Laser World of Photonics 2019, June 24th – June 27th at the Messe München, Munich, Germany.