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MICROCOATERTM – Very Lightweight and Portable Optical Fiber Recoater

July 11, 2019

NYFORS is pleased to announce the extremely small and lightweight MICROCOATER™ which provides versatile optical fiber recoating capability in situations where portability and flexibility is needed. Silicone moulds are available in different sizes up to 400 µm and can easily be exchanged by the operator in a few seconds with no realignment of the system being required.

The MICROCOATER™ uses highly efficient UV LED lights which enables fast processing of both standard high index recoating materials and more specialized low index compounds that are used in various high power applications. Short curing times of 3 seconds are typical.

According to NYFORS CEO Erik Böttcher, “Our new MICROCOATER™ is well suited for research and development operations as well as small scale production and where the fiber size or recoating material need to be changed frequently.”

Because of its small size and built in rechargeable battery, the MICROCOATER™ can be used for recoating in a remote field environments such as on an oil drilling platform or in the field service of fiber lasers and other fiber devices. It can be used anywhere a high degree of portability is required. It weighs only 0.46 kilogram.

For similar applications but where either round moulds or larger fiber sizes are required, NYFORS also offers its slightly larger but still portable and battery operated MINICOATER 2™.

The MICROCOATER will be further presented at Laser World of Photonics 2019, June 24th – June 27th at the Messe München, Munich, Germany.

For more information about the system features and availability, please contact us: info@nyfors.com. Or visit our booth at Laser Munich (Hall B1, Booth 636A).

For more information, please contact: Erik Böttcher, CEO Ph: +46 8 712 10 21 Erik.bottcher@nyfors.se

About NYFORS Nyfors Teknologi AB (publ) is an innovative supplier of advanced glass processing and optical fiber preparation equipment for high strength and specialty splicing operations. All our products are developed with the user in mind for comfortable and easy operation in production and laboratory environment. We are celebrating 30 years’ technical expertise in the industry this year. Nyfors is a family business based in Stockholm, Sweden. For more information, please visit our website www.nyfors.com.