Optics and photonics

NYFORS Announces Major Initiative in Optical Fiber Fusion Splicing and Glass Processing Work Cell AUTOMATION.

July 11, 2019

NYFORS is pleased to announce a major initiative in the area of Work Cell Optical Fiber Splicing and Processing Automation to both lower the cost and improve the quality of high volume specialty optical fiber splicing in a variety of application areas including the manufacturing of fiber lasers, medical devices, defense and aerospace applications, telecommunications devices, and sensing.

Some suppliers, including NYFORS, already offer a high degree of automation in the individual devices once an operator prepares and loads a fiber onto a fiber processing machine such as a stripper, cleaver, splicer, glass processor, recoater, or test/inspection machine. The operator only has to push a button at that point and wait for the operation to be completed before transferring the fiber to the next machine in the sequence.

Despite this device level automation, the cost per splice or operation is a significant impediment to wider adoption of specialty optical fiber based technologies in high volume applications. NYFORS new AUTOMATION initiative can greatly reduce or even eliminate the labor intensive activities of loading of the fibers onto the machines and moving the fibers from machine to machine. This lowers the cost and improves the quality and consistency of splices and fiber processing in high volume production environments by removing both labor cost and operator induced variability.

According to Erik Böttcher, CEO of NYFORS, “the automation capabilities of NYFORS have been developed and honed over the past several years where we have developed automated work cells using robots and automated transfer systems in industrial, high volume environments.” He added, “these systems are delivering low cost and high quality results unattainable with traditional production approaches.”

Other suppliers have tried to implement fiber processing automation in the past but have ceased offering these systems due to their monolithic, one size fits all design with a resulting high cost per splice. The modular device and customized automation approach of NYFORS solves these cost problems and maintains the quality gains of automated systems.

NYFORS is the only supplier of Fiber Processing equipment that is positioned to offer this work cell automation capability to its customers. NYFORS can also integrate its automation solutions into customers’ existing production and automated environments.

The NYFORS fiber processing systems are built to be operated either independently or as part of an automated production environment. As a result of this, and their cost effectiveness, you will likely want to utilize the NYFORS products as part of your Automation solution, although that is not a requirement. NYFORS industry leading CO2 Laser based SMARTSPLICER systems are especially well suited to being incorporated into automated work cells. NYFORS will alos integrate other suppliers fusion splicing related systems into a custom designed automation solution for its customers.