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SMARTSPLICERTM 1.5 – Tabletop CO2 laser splicing and glass shaping system

July 11, 2019

NYFORS is pleased to announce the SMARTSPLICER™ 1.5 for CO2 laser splicing and glass processing applications where smaller size and more portability are required without compromising performance.

At the 2019 LASER world of PHOTONICS trade show in Munich, Germany, NYFORS introduces the SMARTSPLICER™ 1.5– an extension of its industry leading SMARTSPLICER™ but in a more compact package that can be fitted onto an optical bench or a table. It retains all of the advanced glass processing and optical fiber splicing capablities of the SMARTSPLICER™ product platform for development and manufacturing of sensitive high power laser, sensor and telecommunication fiber components. The SMARTSPLICER™ 1.5 also utilizes annular CO2 laser heating for flexible and contamination free processing of fused fiber components.

The SMARTSPLICER™ 1.5 includes a new glass processing window in the door to enable direct viewing of the process and the components as well as special fittings to mount on an optical table

High precision optics with axicon refractive elements convert a laser beam into a ring of adjustable diameter, matching the fibers or components under processing. This optical configuration provides uniform and highly precise distribution of optical power through a completely contamination free heating process.

Different types of fibers and optical components can be processed through glass shaping operations such as end cap splicing, fiber to fiber splicing, tapering, fiber power combiners, lensing, and many other applications.

SMARTSPLICER™ 1.5 system new features include:

˗ Smaller size, fits on an optical table or table for improved portability – Special fittings to mount to an optical table ˗ Glass processing window in the door for direct viewing of the process or visual inspection of the components, ˗ Work light ˗ Autofocus on cameras ˗ Several updates to the software ˗ PC based and can be connected to LAN, computer networks for montoring and data collection

Our new system includes the same Patented Axicon Splicing™ technology for uniform and highly precise annular laser power distribution as our existing SMARTSPLICER™ featuring:

˗ Contamination free CO2 laser heat source ˗ No consumables such as process gas, filaments or electrodes are needed ˗ Software controlled beam ring size and angle ˗ System can operate in horizontal or vertical orientation – Gravity Splicing™ ˗ Intelligent tool holder system that allows easy customization of the machine to each customer’s specific applications

“SMARTSPLICER™ 1.5 is ideal for the same R&D and industrial glass processing applications such as fiber laser, sensor, defense, and medical device manufacturing as our industry leading SMARTSPLICER™ but where space and portability are also important ” comments Erik Böttcher, CEO of Nyfors Teknologi AB.

The SMARTSPLICER™ 1.5 will be demonstrated at the 2019 LASER world of PHOTONICS in Munich, Germany, June, 24–27. It will be available for customers to order immediately

For more information about the system features and availability, please contact us: info@nyfors.com. Or visit our booth at Laser Munich (Hall B1, Booth 636A).

For more information, please contact: Erik Böttcher, CEO Ph: +46 8 712 10 21 Erik.bottcher@nyfors.se


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