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OWIS® manual positioners as standard with clamping

June 22, 2017

OWIS® positioning systems are designed for precise positioning of components in optical systems.

When working with manual positioners, it might possibly happen that predefined settings are adjusted inadvertently leading to falsified results. The solution to this is a specially developed spindle clamping.

“Last year, we recorded an increased number of customer requests for manual positioners with additional clamping,” says Christine Wehrstein-Kuhnen, product manager for optomechanics at OWIS GmbH. Although it was possible for quite some time to purchase positioners with clamping as customer specific version, it meant additional costs and eventually longer delivery times. However, as this additional feature can help to ensuring correct workflows, it seemed the obvious decision to introduce this feature as standard in the field of manual positioning systems. Accordingly, since middle of 2016, manual positioners have been equipped successively with a clamping system.

During the development, special emphasis was placed on simple operation and space-saving dimensions. A secure adjustment of the positioners is achieved as the fixed clamping can be loosened only by means of a standard tool, in this case with a hex screwdriver.

Within the manual positioning systems, the XY stages of the KT series, the elevator stages HV 100N as well as large rotary stages are equipped with the additional clamping feature. All stages with this safety function are available at the same price level as before. All manual positioning systems – with and without clamping – are high-quality products, developed and manufactured “Made in Germany”.

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Owis klemmung clamping