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OWIS® ultra-high vacuum: the next level

June 22, 2017

By autumn of this year, OWIS® reaches the next level in vacuum: with vacuum-prepared positioners and optical components for vacuum applications in pressure ranges up to 10‑9 mbar. So far, OWIS®vacuum products have been designed for ranges up to 10-6 mbar. The new ultra-high vacuum products implicate a considerable expansion of the application possibilities.

In the manufacturing process of the ultra-high vacuum products, maximum care is taken to the compliance with highest standards. All 10‑9 mbar products are produced without brass alloys. In addition, only blank materials are used, this means without any coating. Furthermore, to prevent virtual leaks, all blind holes are vented. The parts are thoroughly cleaned beforehand and then assembled, measured and packaged in the OWIS® clean room of ISO class 5. This ensures that the products are not contaminated by dirt molecules.

In order to strengthen the ultra-high vacuum line as well as to create optimal conditions, the clean room area, which was built in 2016, has been doubled this year in the course of extensive renovations. A total of more than 40 sqm of clean room space is now available, equipped with innovative technology and according to the latest standards.

The offer to manufacture products for ultra-high vacuum includes almost the entire OWIS® product range, starting from beam handling systems, such as system rails and optic holders, to manual and motorised positioners. To comply with the limits, special UHV motors are used for the motorised versions. The standard products for 10‑9 mbar are supplied without end respectively reference switches, but can be equipped with UHV compatible switches if required. As all OWIS® products, the 10-9 mbar products are of highest quality and of course “Made in Germany”.

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