Atomic and molecular

1st NanoScientific Forum Europe 2018 (NSFE 2018)

October 3, 2018

10—12 October 2018 | Freiberg, Germany

Venue: TU Bergakademie Freiberg
Organizer: Park Systems

Park Systems and TU Bergakademie Freiberg (TU Freiberg) will host the 1st NanoScientific Forum Europe 2018 (NSFE 2018). This open AFM User Meeting will focus on sharing and exchanging the cutting-edge research for both materials and life science disciplines using atomic force microscopy (AFM). A special session during the scientific program will be held to the topic nanobubbles, which is a part of the flagship project of TU Freiberg and Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology.

An exciting agenda is planned for the 2,5 days:

  • Lectures by renowned AFM researchers
  • Instrument workshops on Park Systems AFMs, including basic and advanced measuring techniques as well as tips and tricks, how to obtain stunning AFM data
  • Poster session and image contest with amazing prizes!
  • Evening events:
    Wednesday evening: Fusing Science & People – conference dinner
    Thursday evening: Discovering Natural Treasures – terra mineralia 

Conference topics


  • Geoscience and sustainable energy applications
  • Polymers and composites
  • Nanoelectronics, photonic and photovoltaic applications
  • Nanomaterials and life science
  • Special session nanobubbles


  • Nanomechanical and electrical characterization
  • Characterization techniques in aqueous solution
  • Advanced imaging