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Park Systems Receives Major Orders for Automated AFM for Wafer Production Metrology

July 12, 2019

Park Systems Receives Major Orders for Automated AFM for Wafer Production Metrology

Park Systems, leading manufacturer of Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM) announces they have received major orders for their automated atomic force microscopy for wafer production metrology.  Park leads the industry with 18 of the world’s 20 largest semiconductor manufacturers now using Park Systems AFM.

With good foresight, a superior product and keen business acumen, Park has positioned themselves as the dominant industry leader in wafer fab nanometrology

“The Automatic Defect Review (ADR) by Park Systems speeds up and improves the way defectsin substrates and media are identified, scanned, and analyzed,” comments Keibock Lee, Park Systems President. “Park NX- Wafer ADR is a new process for identifying defects designed specifically for the semiconductor market without the need of reference markers, improving throughput of 300mm bare wafers by up to 1,000 %.”

Together with industry partners, Park has set high standards for high resolution 3D AFM metrology to address accurate CD, line width roughness (LWR), line edge roughness (LER) measurements, and sidewall roughness during etch, EPI, film deposition, and lithography processes. Developing new in-line monitoring and analysis methods for semiconductor manufacturers and new production protocol for better process development and control, resulted in improved device performance and production yield. The high resolution sidewall information on vertical planar and cylindrical structure by Park’s new 3D AFM has a huge impact on the performance of vertical devices such as FinFET, TFET, STT-MRAM and others.

Park’s overall growth is fueled by good investments in their people and technology

Since going public and listing on KOSDAQ in 2016, Park Systems’ stock has quadrupled and they continue to lead the world in their growing AFM market share.   Park has the longest history of AFM business in the industry, with rapid global expansion. Since their IPO in 2016, Park has opened new offices in Germany, Mexico, France, India and China, and new Nanoscience Centers in New York at SUNY Polytechnic and in Mannheim, Germany.  The company has developed a global sales network of over 30 countries and has over thousand of AFMs in use around the world. It is the fastest growing AFM Company, with more than 200 full time employees dedicated to producing the most accurate and easiest to use AFMs. Global expansions will continue Park’s legacy to develop and launch innovative AFM and AFM-related services to continuously meet new customer needs worldwide.

“Enabling Nanoscale Advances” with NanoScientific Symposiums and Publications

Park is the sponsor of NanoScientific, published quarterly to showcase advancements in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology across a wide range of multi-disciplinary areas of research.  NanoScientific has been published since 2014 and has a global distribution of over 40,000 in North America, Europe and Asia. NanoScientific Symposiums are offered world-wide to share scientific knowledge and foster ongoing relationships in the field of Nanotechnology.

To learn more about Park Systems, visit their booth #1531 at SemiconWest and sign up for their Annual Semicon West Luncheon at the Thirsty Bear Brewing Company.

Park Systems Atomic Force Microscope NX3DM- the completely automated AFM system designed for overhang profiles, high-resolution sidewall imaging, and critical angle measurements. With the patented decoupled XY and Z scanning system with tilted Z-scanner, it overcomes the challenges of the normal and flare tip methods in accurate sidewall analysis. In utilizing True Non-Contact Mode™, the Park 3DM Series enables non-destructive measurement of soft photoresist surfaces with high aspect ratio tips.