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Extrel Gas Analysis Capabilities: New Catalog

November 19, 2018

For over 50 years, Extrel has specialized in providing gas analyzers that give great results. In all cases, success depends on two factors:

1. Effective movement of the gas sample into the analyzer
2. Analytical capability of the detector used

Pressure reducing inlets and multiplexing sample selectors must be specifically matched to the application. Also, the gas analyzer must have the right sensitivity, resolution, and flexibility to deliver the data that is required.

Coupled with the appropriate inlet, quadrupole mass spectrometers offer a range of features that make them ideal for applications as diverse as controlling gas compositions in a vacuum, isotopic ratio determination, and trace volatiles in exhaled breath samples.

This document lays out Extrel’s full array of sample inlets and standard mass spectrometers. First, identify the inlet type matching the sample specifications, then choose the proper mass spectrometer based on analytical capabilities. Providing the ideal combination is what has made Extrel a leader in the world of high quality gas analysis instrumentation.

Please click here to view the full Gas Analysis Capabilities Catalog GAC100A

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