Optical materials

Fiber Optic Splice Sleeves from Huihong Fiber, Inc

October 2, 2019

The fiber-optic shrink tube, also known as the heat-shrink fiber splice sleeves, consists of three parts: the heat shrink tube, the hot melt tube and the stainless-steel needle or ceramic. Fiber-optic heat shrink tube is specially designed by cross-linked polyolefins, heat shrink tube and reinforced stainless-steel wire fiber continuity protection elements, it can improve the mechanical strength of fiber fusion points, protect the fusion point, to ensure the reliability of the fusion. Before shrinking, the transparent outer layer can be used to detect the correct connection at the light joint, allowing the fiber to be assembled easily and safely, and providing protection, maintaining the transmission characteristics of the fiber after shrinkage, providing strength and protection at the light joint.

The fiber is spliced together by the fiber-optic fusion machine, and then the fiber-optic successive sleeve is needed. The protection of fiber continuity points is very important. Single-core fiber-optic shrink tubes are made up of heat shrink tubes, hot melt tubes and stainless-steel needles (or ceramic rods/quartz rods). The bright outer layer makes it easy to detect the accuracy of the connection of the fiber optic connector, which allows the fiber to be stopped on a simple and safe day, and the optical transmission characteristics of the fiber are maintained after expansion, as well as the strength and protection of the processed fiber connector. Simple operation, regardless of whether the machine can be relied upon, can prevent the equipment outside the history of optical fiber damage.

Huihongfiber ribbon fiber splice sleeves is designed to accommodate 2-12 strip fiber. Stock length is 40 mm but can also be in the new 30 mm length for smaller packaging requirements. This product consists of an internal EVA meltable hose, polyolefin heat shrinks outer tube and single-strength or double-strength components. Our single-strength component sleeves have become the industry standard, with a shrinkage diameter of 4.9 x 4.4 mm, with special glass components. Our dual-strength component casings are designed to “clamp” the band, eliminating any excessive stress on the fibers and shrinking to a diameter of 5.7 x 4.9mm. This option can be used in a variety of glass and special high temperature plastic component combinations. The tubes are transparent so that the fiber can be seen during and after stitching.