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FTTH LC Fiber Cables from Huihong Fiber, Inc

October 1, 2019

With the increasing demand for high-capacity and long-distance transmission, FTTH (fibre-to-home) has become the preferred mode of broadband access. We know that in FTTH cabling must use FTTH indoor fiber jumper, this fiber-optic jumper not only has the advantages of high transmission quality, good reliability, low maintenance cost, anti-electromagnetic interference, but also has practical functions such as rodent, lightning protection, waterproofing, so it is widely used.

FTTH LC cable has a unique “8” type design, there are two parallel FRP reinforcements, can make fiber optic cable has good pressure resistance, and can protect fiber optic, and truly achieve low insertion loss , low smoke halogen-free flame retardant sheath , more environmentally friendly and safe.

Full-media structure – free from electromagnetic interference.

FTTH LC cables can connect fiber directly to the user’s home, its broadband, wavelength and transmission technology categories are not limited, but also can introduce a variety of new services, as the ideal transparent network, is the final way to access the development of the network.

FTTH indoor fiber LC cable is widely used in LAN, fiber optic communication system, CATV, FTTH indoor building, fiber optic connection, transmission equipment and access network.
Soft and flexible, but also good waterproof and flame-retardant properties, and two FRP strength components to ensure anti-electromagnetic and anti-crushing good performance;
Very practical, but also has a special low-bend sensitivity fiber to provide high bandwidth and excellent performance; Simple structure, light weight, novel flute design, easy to peel and stitch, maintenance is very simple.