Optical components

Fullaxs Fiber Optic Cables from Huihong Fiber, Inc

July 26, 2019

Fullaxs fiber optic cable is compatible with a wide range of sfp transceivers on the market, allowing end users to select transceivers that meet their specific system requirements. The water-resistant cable assemblies for WiMAX and lte FTTA applications are plugged directly into the fiber transceiver through a plug-in connection to establish a connection. This connection requires a larger capacity of the connector in the z-axis direction.

Fullaxs cable connector system not only has a large capacity in the z-axis direction, but also enables a single-handed installation of the connector housing, thus being fully compliant.
The new product also allows users to easily remove and replace transceivers with an insurance switch on the head, without having to open the entire remote radio box to avoid exposure to adverse weather conditions for the electronic components in the box. For fiber optic connections, the connector system includes an industry-standard dual lc interface that quickly engages with all lc dual sfp transceivers.

Fullaxs fiber optic cable can also be designed in single-mode or multi-mode form according to the needs of fiber optic transmission applications. The unique design of the new product makes it a versatile platform that can be extended to rj45 and power connectors. The product also has an outdoor installation with connectors that match any cable.

Other product features/benefits of the fullaxs fiber optic cable include:
When the connector is fully engaged, the system will send a confirmation signal to inform the operator that the connection was successful;
No cable buckle in and after installation;
Rugged mount locking ensures convenience and safety throughout the installation process;
Metal die-casting plugs with waterproof, dust-proof and corrosion-resistant design Eliminates the management of fiber in remote radio boxes, reducing costs.