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Huawei PDLC Fiber Optic Cable from Huihong Fiber, Inc

July 26, 2019

PDLC fiber optic patch cables are widely used in Huawei/ZTE projects, it is a popular FTTA cable. Our FTTA base station fiber jumper, very good to meet the needs of the market, for mobile base station speed up, universal coverage provides a large number of dedicated passive wire. In the mobile communication base station cabling, in the past RRU end (RF pull-out unit, commonly known as outdoor far end) and BBU (baseband processing unit, commonly known as indoor near end) used as the main connection cable, with fiber as the main carrier of communications began to become global, a large number of coaxial cables began to be replaced by fiber optic cables, The RRU-BBU connection cable of the mobile base station is also beginning to use fiber optic cable s (a) as the primary connection cable, i.e. to pull the fiber jumper for the FTTA base station.

PDLC cables, different from ordinary indoor wiring fiber jumper, first of all, because of the RRU and BBU connection, most of the cable is long-term in the outdoor environment, which requires fiber optic jumper steam to be able to adapt to the performance of the conventional outdoor environment, such as waterproof, sun protection, anti-aging, strong anti-pull and so on.

And PDLC fiber optic cable in fiber to the antenna base station cabling environment, usually requires fiber optic cable has a good bending performance, in the case of ensuring strength, but also to ensure a certain degree of flexibility, easy to construct. About the selection of fiber optic cable, I use the base station to pull away from the special fiber optic cable, the use of external sheaths for sun protection and anti-aging, outdoor-grade LSZH material, durable, long service life.

Internal reinforcements, unified use of U.S. imports of DuPont Kevlar aramid, enhance anti-pull, aramid shares sufficient.