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IP LC Fiber Optic Cable from Huihong Fiber, Inc

October 1, 2019

The IP67 LC cable assembly is ideal for industrial networks and harsh environments where moisture, chemicals, corrosive gases and liquids must be protected. These rugged single-mode components feature rugged outdoor rated cables that protect against harsh environments. Each total Chengdu is tested for 100% of the functionality. Accessories sold separately include a partition adapter, one of which is designed for standard LC fiber connections and the other accepts industrial LC connectors. In addition, the cover of the partition adapter and plug is available. Contact us today to find out about your custom cable requirements.

IP67 LC cables are not damaged even in a step-by-step style and are rodent-resistant and suitable for use in harsh environments. IP67 MTP-MTP Fiber Jumper Similar to the IP67 LC-LC/SC-SC fiber optic plug cable, the IP67 MPO fiber optic plug cable can also be divided into sockets and plugs, which have an extremely robust protective rubber coating, a complete anti-kink anti-strain protective case and rubber-coated metal lock cap, connected by a steel tie.

These 12 fiber-optic single-mode IP67 waterproof fiber plug-in cables comply with IEC standards and are suitable for outdoor water conditions, harsh environments, FTTH and FTTA applications. IP67 Fiber Adapter the IP67 MPO partition adapter is designed to provide a fiber optic connection to the MPO cable to the device. The adapter is IP 67 environmentally sealed and ideal for low-cost, easy-to-use solutions in industry, FTTA or any other harsh environmental application.

Dust cover is an ideal way to protect reinforced jumpers from components or accidental damage when they are not matched to sockets in the reinforced wiring system. To protect fiber links where dust and liquids are seriously challenging, IP67 waterproof devices such as IP67 waterproof fiber jumpers and fiber optic connectors are ideal for you. Suppliers like Huihongfiber can offer a variety of fiber jumpers. These IP67 waterproof fiber-optic plug cables and adapters feature a rugged polyurethane sheath and armored construction for high temperature stability and low insertion losses. Lengths, fiber quantities and connectors can all be customized to customer requirements.