Optics and photonics

LX.5 Fiber Patch Cables

October 23, 2018

LX.5 fiber optic patch cables use the 1.25mm ferrule technologies, in this way the LX.5 fiber connector is compact and as small size as the LC connectors. The LX5 fiber patch cable connector has a shutter over the end of optical fiber, the specification of LX-5 fiber cables and connectors are defined as per TIA connector intermate ability standard FOCIS-13 (TIA-604-13). the huihongfiber LX.5 units maintain single circuit access and integrate special shutters on both the connector and coupler body to protect them from dust, dirt, and ferrule end-face handling damage.

Features of the LX5 fiber optic cable
Compliant with TIA/EIA 568-A & RoHS standards
Plug type, keying coupling structure
Strong interchangeability
Dust cap since closed
Squared has good mechanical and thermal properties to meet Telcordia GR – 326 – CORE.

LX.5 fiber patch cables specifications
PC (Single mode or Multimode) or APC (Single mode) polishing
Color of the housing & boot: blue, green or beige
Cable diameter: 2.0mm typically
Fiber type: 9/125um, 50/125um or 62.5/125um
Insertion loss: Less than 0.3dB
Operating temperature range: -20°c ~ 70°c
Storage temperature range: -40°c ~ 80°c
Color of the jacket: industrial standard or custom
Material of the jacket: PVC/OFNR, LSZH or customized