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MTP Fiber Optic Cables from Huihong Fiber, Inc

October 1, 2019

MTP cable connectors are industry-standard, interchangeable, which means better performance. The design of MTP is patent protected. Its performance and availability are much higher. For example, the outer frame dismounting of MTP fiber optic connectors is easy to remove. The MT core design ensures performance from loss when reworking and regrinding during production. The spring design of the MTP fiber optic connector maximizes the ribbon clearance for multi-core applications. MTP fiber optic connectors have at least four standard matching bulks for different types of fiber optic cables for more practical.

MTP/MPO fiber optic patch panels/ cassettes/ boxes dominate in high-density cabling environments and is a high-density pre-terminated fiber optic device with flexible deployment flexibility that not only provides the conversion between MPO connectors and LC or SC connectors, but also helps high-density networks achieve rapid deployment. It also reduces the installation time and cost of optical networks. Because the MTP/MPO connector can hold 12/24 core fibers, it provides 12/24 x more density, saving cabling space while increasing the density of the wiring.

Huihongfiber is professional in the field of MTP fiber cables for reliable and fast operation of data centers. The biggest benefit of MPO/MTP jumpers is flexible wiring, space savings and cost savings. It is widely used in 40G/100G Ethernet and plays an important role in structured cabling. We can provide our customers with several columns of MPO/MTP fiber jumpers, including normal jumpers, backbone fiber optic cable components, direct fan-out fiber optic cable components, branched fan-out fiber optic components, as well as a variety of transfer modules and adapter panels.