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ODC Fiber Optic Patch Cables from Huihong Fiber, Inc

July 26, 2019

ODC fiber optic cables are used in FTTA harsh environment. In response to the requirements of the mobile communications market for investment savings, as well as the increasing difficulty of mobile operators to locate the location network, major communication manufacturers have introduced fiber optic instead coaxial feeder program, from GSM to WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, to WIMAX, Almost all mobile communication systems have realized the implementation of fiber optic pull-out scheme in wireless base stations.

ODC cables are tailored to the new generation of fiber-optic pull-far wireless base stations (WCDMA/TD-SCDMA/WiMAX/GSM) to meet the needs of FTTA solutions, suitable for outdoor environments, and withstand harsh environmental conditions and harsh climatic conditions.

ODC connector has ODC-2/ODC-4 models, using N-type connector mechanical interface, can be interchanged with the “N” type coaxial connector, that is, the original panel, taking into account the smoothness of product evolution. Multimode and single-mode fiber scanted. The product enables data transmission to achieve a minimum insertion loss under the premise of guaranteed high speed. Unique materials can achieve better electromagnetic pulse protection effect and anti-electromagnetic interference. Thread locking mechanism to ensure a safe and reliable connection, because the design has a guide pin, can be a one-handed blind plug simple and quick connection installation. Products to IP67 waterproof protection level, waterproof, dust protection and corrosion protection can be very suitable for outdoor use environment.

The ODC fiber optic patch cable assembly can be customized to different cable lengths and different connector combinations, and all standard connectors (e.g. LC, SC, etc.) can be connected. Cable are small components of a fiber to the antenna system, but connector performance can affect the entire communication system, so choosing the right connector and connector cable assembly is critical to the communication system.