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OS2 Single mode Duplex LC Fiber Cables from Huihong Fiber, Inc

October 2, 2019

Compared to conventional fiber optic cables, 9/125 m OS2 LC single mode bent insensitive fiber optic cables decay less when bent or twisted, which makes the installation and maintenance of fiber optic cables more efficient.

OS2 LC cables also saves more space for data centers, enterprise networks, telecommunications rooms, farms, cloud storage networks, and high-density cabling wherever fiber jumpers are required. This 9/125 OS2 single-mode fiber optic cable is ideal for connecting 1G/10G/40G/100G/400G Ethernet connections. It can transmit up to 10 km of data at 1310nm or up to 40km at 1550nm.

OS2 LC duplex cables has a single-mode simplex fiber optic jumper and single-mode duplex fiber jumper two kinds, they are mainly different in the fiber level, wherein the single-mode duplex fiber jumper application range is wider, can be applied to data center, CATV, FTTH, WDM/DWDM, passive optical network and other fields of high-density cabling environment. Os2 single-mode duplex fiber jumper’s outer sheath is mostly yellow, wavelength and maximum attenuation values of 1550nm and 0.4dB/km, it allows data to be transmitted in both directions at the same time, and requires both the sending and receiving devices to have independent reception and transmission capabilities.

OS2 LC simplex cables jumpers provide better performance and are more cost-effective in long-distance data transmission than regular multimode fiber jumpers. OS2 single-mode duplex fiber jumper according to cable material can be divided into PVC (OFNR) OS2 single-mode duplex fiber jumper, LSZH OS2 single-mode duplex fiber jumper and OFNP OS2 single-mode duplex fiber jumper these three types, according to grinding method can be divided into UPC/UPC.

OS2 single-mode duplex fiber jumper has UPC and APC connector types. In addition, the OS2 single-mode duplex fiber jumper with LC connector can be compatible with the SFP optical module, the SFP (BIDI SFP plus) optical module, and the XFP optical module, while the OS2 single-mode duplex fiber jumper with SC connector can be compatible with the BIDI SFP optical module, GBIC optical module, The X2 module and the XENPAK light module are compatible.