Optical components

Polarization Maintaining Fiber Cable from Huihong Fiber

October 23, 2019

Compared with traditional fiber jumpers, the polarization-maintaining fiber jumper uses a higher-precision connector and adapter for alignment to ensure the direction of the polarization-maintaining optical axis. The polarization-maintaining fiber connector and adapter have smaller Deviation, the keyway size used on the adapter to match the connector positioning keys is also narrower than the traditional adapter keyway to ensure good polarization elimination repeatability and low insertion loss.

Material optimization of PM fiber cable is key to determining the stability, consistency, and reliability of their applications. The optimization program of the polarization-maintaining (PM) fiber jumper in operation mainly includes winding, melting taper, mechanical grinding and polishing, etc. For various processing methods and application methods, the polarization-maintaining (PM) fiber jumper is required to be excellent. Compatibility, that is, the polarization-maintaining (PM) fiber jumper coating layer is required to have softness, friction resistance, tight adhesion to the glass fiber cladding, and small temperature deviation, and the optical fiber glass material portion is required to be easily ground. It is characterized by polishing, not easy to collapse, and not easy to crack. At the same time, it requires the polarization-maintaining (PM) fiber jumper to maintain adiabatic change during the high-temperature taper process, with small loss and low crosstalk degradation.

The application prospects of polarization-maintaining fiber cables are very impressive: in order to meet the needs of space or other high-radiation environments, it is necessary to explore the research of anti-radiation polarization-maintaining (PM) fiber patch cord products.