Optical materials

Uniboot LC Reverse Polarity Cable

October 2, 2019

The Uniboot LC Reverse Polarity Cable design allows a single cable to transmit two fibers simultaneously, reducing cable congestion during cabling and for high-density fiber wiring that requires space savings and reduced cable management issues in the data center. The antipolar design makes polarity conversion fast and simple without exposing fiber or any tools.

Our data center advanced LC dual-linked Uniboot jumper features fast flip polarity reversal, unique and branded design that eliminates the need for tools and does not require distortion or mobile fiber to achieve polarity reversal.

The Uniboot LC Reverse Polarity Cables come with a 2.4 mm round double-sided cable or a 2 mm circular double-sided cable in smaller size, providing greater flexibility and space savings.
Our Uniboot LC Reverse Polarity Cables are terminated with high-quality zirconium oxide ceramic case connectors to help ensure high transmission quality and low optical power loss.

Advanced Polarity Reversible LC Uniboot Connector, Blue (SM) and Light Green (mm)
Enhanced optical performance to meet data center tight power budgets
Standard and reduced bending sensitivity OM3, OM4 and G652D/G657A1 or A2 fiber types
Cable sheaths are yellow (SM), water green (OM3 and OM4) and Erica Purple (OM4); LSZH or OFNR
Full duplex cable with a single core diameter of 2.4 mm or 2.0 mm saves space and flexibility
IEC compliant RoHS-compliant, REACH and SVHC-compliant