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Inrad Optics Launches Scintinel™ Fast Neutron Detectors

June 4, 2019

Inrad Optics has launched a new suite of Scintinel™ stilbene radiation detectors for fast neutron detection, with immediate availability.

Ranging from one-inch to five-inch diameters, these devices integrate a stilbene scintillation crystal to a photomultiplier tube with voltage divider electronics. Pricing for the one-inch detector starts at $2,815.

The primary advantages of Scintinel™ stilbene are its high sensitivity to neutrons and excellent discrimination between neutrons and gamma-ray radiation. False calls caused by benign gamma sources are virtually eliminated when seeking special nuclear material. Additionally, stilbene is a solid-state, non-hazardous material.

Stilbene has proven performance advantages over liquid and plastic scintillators and we consistently find crystalline stilbene offers significantly better pulse shape discrimination, along with lower energy thresholds, higher gamma rejection and higher neutron efficiency.

According to George Murray, VP Sales and Marketing, “Feedback from our initial customers is excellent. They are reporting superior performance advantages of stilbene over alternative neutron detection technologies. We are also seeing a broad range of developments for stilbene in nuclear security and applied physics research.”

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