Instrumentation and measurement

TG301C Combination wide range Tough gauge (B-A & Pirani)

October 24, 2018

TG301C is a wide range combination gauge that a Pirani filament and a temperature sensor integrated in a B-A gauge sensor. TG301C can operate and measure from atmospheric pressure to Ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) pressure continuously.  The Pirani filament is made of anti-corrosion material and the grid and the collector of B-A sensor can be operated in “Tough mode”™ in the low pressure range. This features ensure the measurement with the high sensitivity and the accuracy maintained in contaminated environments.


  • Compact design
  • Highly visible, simple LED display
  • Configurations can be set from the integrated buttons
    pressure calibration, sensitivity, set points, gas factor, degas ON and Tough Mode™ …etc
  • Tough Mode™ – Heat up the grid and the collector to avoid contaminants from being deposited.
  • B-A filament protection for sudden pressure rise.
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Auto Zeroing for Pirani gauge
  • Accuracy for atmospheric pressure: ±5%
  • Maximum measurable pressure: 1.2e+3 mbar
  • Data view & setting software available (free)
Measurement range 1.0 x 10-10 ~ 1.2 x 10+3 mbar

Pirani: 10-3 ~ 1.2 x 10+5 mbar  /  B-A Tough gauge: 1.0 x 10-10 ~ 10-1 mbar

Power Supply DV24V, 0.8A
Power consumption Maximum power consumption: 19.2W (when B-A Tough mode starting)

Typical power consumption: 6W (B-A gauge in Tough Mode)

Filament materials Pirani: Ni x 1, B-A: Yttria-coated iridium x 1
Emission current 42µA or 2.5mA Automatic switching
Tough Mode™ Measurement with the grid and the collector heated up in order to avoid contaminants from being deposited on them.  Off/Low/Mid/Hi settings available
Degas 900ºC on the grid & the collector, Direct current, 2 minutes
Outputs 1 x Analog: 0~10V, 2 x Setpoint, 1 x Alarm
I/O connector D-sub25 male connector (for both power & communication)
Communication RS232C
Mounting Flange KF25, CF40
Weight Approx. 550g
Options External display: SGD100 or TGD100, Power supply & Cable: TG200CBL