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UV Fused Silica Lenses for Colour Measurement

October 7, 2019

Our UV Fused Silica Lenses are ideally suited to colour measurement applications to measure a wide variety of elements, such as quality and comprehensive monitoring.

High in quality and precision, our UV Fused Silica Lens range is recognised within the industry for enabling colour measurement applications to operate with optimum accuracy. The substrate itself, UV Fused Silica has a moderately consistent transmission across the ultraviolet (UV), visible and near-infrared (NIR) wavelengths (much like N-BK7 [or equivalent]). This results in a near-equal transmission within each region, and measurements not being skewed toward one colour; enabling precise measurements to be achieved. Furthermore, UV Fused Silica can be used in conjunction with an IR-Cut Filter in cameras to reduce NIR noise, supplying a more precise image with better colour clarity or contrast.

Similar to N-BK7 (or equivalent) in performance, UV Fused Silica has a remarkably similar average transmission over the visible range, up to approximately 2000nm, and a slightly lower refractive index.  The Abbe constants of UV Fused Silica are also very similar to that of N-BK7 (or equivalent), although somewhat higher.

Typical Specs:

Material: UV Grade Fused Silica

Operating Wavelength: 587nm

Diameter Tolerance: +0 /-0.10mm

Centring Tolerance: <5 arcminutes

Focal Length Tolerance: ± 0.2mm (<10mm), ±2.0% (10mm-1000mm)

Centre Thickness Tolerance: ±0.2mm

Surface Figure: 3/ 3 (1)

Surface Quality: <40-20 Scratch/Dig

Coating: Optional

First-Class Quality

Quality is the driving force behind Knight Optical, and to ensure you profit from high-precision optics, we take the utmost care to ensure every component accurately meets your specifications. Offering unparalleled service, Knight Optical undertakes a full inspection of your optics from our ISO 9001:2015-certified, state-of-the-art Metrology Laboratory, followed by a meticulous visual examination by our dedicated QA department.

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