How the venteon CEP5 enhances phase-stabilisation of ultrashort pulses

October 23, 2019

The venteon CEP5 has revolutionised phase stabilisation of ultrashort pulses (CEP5TM) by means of direct generation of octave spanning spectra and phase control via direct modulation of the laser pump power. As such, two of the most challenging aspects of the creation of a carrier-envelope-phase stabilised pulse trains have been eliminated: external nonlinear broadening and modulation of a high power laser beam with an acousto-optic modulator (AOM).


In classical Ti:Sapphire based CEP-stabilised systems, the laser source requires typically around 1-2 nJ of pulse energy (i.e.  100-200 mW for a 100 MHz oscillator) to create an octave spanning spectrum as needed for the commonly used f-2f interferometers to measure the carrier-envelope-offset (CEO) frequency. This then reduces the available optical power available for the experiment. Whereas, with the venteon product range, the lasers have a natural octave spanning range designed in. Using the whole emission spectrum of the Ti:Sapphire and additional spectral enhancing, plus the use of specially designed chirped mirrors to control the phase of pulses, the CEP5 system can measure the CEP phase naturally by taking the extreme wings of this huge spectrum.


The removal of the AOM in both feed-back and feed-forward locking schemes prevents several problems. An AOM reduces available power in both possible locking scenarios. When employed in the feed-forward scheme it moves the laser beam due to first order diffraction and also causes an angular shift in the beam, and even worse causes spatial angular dispersion of the ultrabroadband pulse. The venteon range has a patented technique of CEPLoQ™ which avoids these problems. Here, the f-to-2f interferometer error signal is fed back directly into the pump laser, thus eliminating the need for the AOM. As a direct result, no beam pointing instabilities are introduced by the CEP lock. Additionally, this direct feedback operates with a faster response rate to a deeper modulation level. A ±1% modulation depth can be achieved with a bandwidth of 1 MHz, the phase at 750 kHz is <90˚

The venteon CEP5 is a complete carrier-envelope-phase stabilised laser system with sub-5 fs transform-limited pulse duration and extremely low CEP phase noise. Delivering true sub-two cycle pulse with less than 50 as timing jitter, the venteon CEP5 is the ideal source for extreme nonlinear physics. This means that the traditional, time-consuming, creation of a carrier envelope phase stabilised pulse train, in a Ti:Sapphire laser, is no longer required.

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