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Honeywell Laser-Gard Barrier System

July 10, 2018

Exclusive to Laser Support Services, the innovate and customisable Honeywell Laser-Gard Barrier System provides protection from laser hazards within an experimental set-up on optical tables.

Customised Safety
The Laser-Gard Barrier System offers a customisable means of securely enclosing a laser set-up on an optical table.  This enables enhanced experimental conditions with the addition of safeguarding personnel from exposure to laser radiation.

The Laser-Gard Barrier System provides a controlled environment with the ability to optimise experiment conditions by considerably reducing interference from potential air turbulence, ambient light and dust.

Ease of Use
The Laser-Gard Barrier System is both flexible and modular and has been designed for easy installation and adjustability to the exact size required for your optical table. This modular and flexible design combines ease of access with added safety features to ensure high levels of protection at all times.

Each panel is equipped with a safety locking mechanism which prevents unintended access and consequently exposure to laser radiation. The safety locking mechanism also identifies whether the panel is securely closed or not. Access to the optical table remains easy and quick with a simple flip down of the side panel.

Guaranteed Access
The Laser-Gard Barrier System enables the user to have cable access around the perimeter of the optical table. The barriers fix securely around the outer edge of the optical table, without taking up any additional space and without using any holes on the table, ensuring maximum space is available for the application.

The Laser-Gard Barrier System holds many advantages compared to a standard curtain solution. Some of these advantages include ease of adjustability and use, allows viewing of the application and does not require an over hanging structure, low cost replacements if a panel is exposed to excess laser radiation, rather than replacing an entire curtain.

Key Features

  • Laser-resistant enclosure designed specifically for optical tables
  • Significantly reduces direct and indirect laser hazard exposure
  • Fully adjustable and customisable to suit the user and application
  • Flexible and modular design
  • Locking mechanism for each panel with a visual locking indicator
  • Uses minimal space on optical tables leaving maximum room for applications and equipment
  • Cost-effective and reliable alternative to traditional, standard curtains