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Infrared viewers, cameras, and accessories from Laser Support Services

November 15, 2018

The Abris series and SM-3R series of infrared viewers, manufactured by IRVI, are used to view infrared light from lasers or infrared laser diode light sources which are invisible to the naked eye.
The Abris-M range and SM- 3R range of infrared viewers are small, lightweight and compact, and can be operated by either battery or an external dc 3 volt supply. Abris-M and SM-3R IR viewers cover the range of visible light from 350nm up to 2000 nm. All IR viewers from Laser Support Services Ltd. are CE approved.

A range of infrared [IR] cameras distributed by Laser Support Services Ltd offer various display alternatives. The compact CONTOUR-IR Camera comes in 2 models; the IR with its video output, and the IR-Digital with output via a USB connector. The CONTOUR-M has a built in LCD display, this will display an infrared source in one convenient hand held device. All IR cameras distributed by Laser Support Services are CE approved.

An extensive range of accessories, compatible with all our infra-red viewers and cameras, are available from Laser Support Services. All accessories are very competitively priced, yet reliable and durable, making them the most cost effective and versatile infrared products available on the market. All accessories are CE approved. Some accessories include: Illuminator Facemask Tripod Iris diaphragm plus many more!

Laser Support Services also have a range of ThermalImaging Cameras and Scientific Cameras available. Contact us to find out more! – 01333 311938 –