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OWIS® control software OWISoft

August 9, 2016

New update V2.9 ready for download.

The OWISoft is the proven software to configure and operate OWIS® control units. Since mid-June 2016, an update is available with new functions, with a particular focus on further optimization customer-specific work.

The OWISoft in combination with an OWIS®control unit of the type PS 10, PS 30, PS 35 und PS 90 allows to fulfil a variety of positioning tasks comfortable and reliable. The software is capable of executing and asynchronously approaching up to 12 axes.

The current version V2.9 provides additional options regarding the management of datasets. From now on, the database can be updated independently from the software. Thus, timely updating of parameters for new OWIS® products is ensured.

Customer-specific data are managed in a separate database and can be modified and extended as required. With a new update previously saved data will be retained.

Another user-friendly improvement concerns the configuration of the axis parameters: The settings can alternatively be loaded via an “owd” text file to permit time-saving working.

Well-proven functionalities, for example, the intuitive user interface and data transfer in conjunction with other applications remain, of course, unchanged. After registration, the OWISoft V2.9 is ready for download free of charge at