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  • Optical components

    White Paper: Production of Stilbene for Fast Neutron Detection

    The organic scintillator stilbene is well-known as an excellent material for detection of fast neutrons in a gamma-ray background. Unfortunately, applications

  • Astronomy and space

    White Paper: UV Curing Adhesives Shine

    Offering some of the most convenient handling properties, UV curable adhesives do not require mixing, have an unlimited working life

  • Instrumentation and measurement

    TG301C Combination wide range Tough gauge (B-A & Pirani)

    TG301C is a wide range combination gauge that a Pirani filament and a temperature sensor integrated in a B-A gauge

  • Optics and photonics

    10G SFP+ Dual Fiber Transceivers

    10G SFP+ Dual port fiber transceivers use duplex LC ports on the module, they are made as per IEEE802.3ae, SFF-8472

  • Optics and photonics

    SFP BIDI 10G Transceivers

    10G SFP+ BIDI are with LC fiber connector ports, they are made as per IEEE802.3ae, SFF-8472 and SFF-8431; the SFP+

  • Optics and photonics

    ODVA LC Duplex IP67 Fiber Optic Cable Sealed Circular

    Sealed Circular IP 67 ODVA LC fiber patch cable assemblies are available in both single mode and multimode version, this

  • Optics and photonics

    MTP/MPO Fiber Patch Cables

    MTP/MPO Fiber Patch Cables Huihong Technologies is dedicated MTP/MPO cable supplier to providing innovative product designs of fiber optic cables to

  • Optics and photonics

    MPO/MTP Fiber Optic Cleaner

    The cost effective and efficient MPO fiber optic cleaner is made to clean the MPO connectors, this item cleans the

  • Optics and photonics

    LX.5 Fiber Patch Cables

    LX.5 fiber optic patch cables use the 1.25mm ferrule technologies, in this way the LX.5 fiber connector is compact and

  • Optics and photonics

    DWDM SFP 10G Transceivers

    10G SFP+ DWDM include DWDM SFP+ E and DWDM SFP+ ZR, they are designed for 10G Ethernet and 2G/4G/8G/10G Fiber

  • Optics and photonics

    Fiber Optic Connector Zirconia Ferrules

    1.5mm,2.5mm,SC,APC,FC,ST,LC,MU,Zirconia Ferrules,step,conical,pre-dome,UPC,Single mode,Multimode,fiber optic connector ferrules. Zirconia Ferrules for SC/APC Single mode Fiber Optic Connectors SC/APC Single mode connector zirconia ferrule,conical,step,ceramic,with flange,without

  • Optics and photonics

    10G CWDM SFP

    10G SFP+ CWDM include CWDM SFP+ LR, CWDM SFP+ ER、CWDM SFP+ ZR, they are designed for 10G Ethernet and 2G/4G/8G/10G

  • Optics and photonics

    One Click Fiber Cleaner Pens

    Fiber optic cleaning is one of the most important procedure in fiber optic installation and inspection. We supply various types

  • Optics and photonics

    Singapore Fiber Optic Cable Supplier

    Pearlyond Technologies the Singapore fiber optic company is an ISO9001 certified fiber optic patch cord cable manufacturer and fiber optic

  • Optics and photonics

    Pakistan Fiber Optic Cable Supplier

    With Fiber Optic Pakistan, you can get the quality fiber optic products, copper wires and a wide range of fiber

  • Optics and photonics

    Malaysia Fiber Optic Cable Supplier

    Fiber Optic Malaysia is a specialized Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturer. It has an over 10,000 square meters factory. The company

  • Optics and photonics

    China Fiber Optic Cable Supplier

      Fiber Optic Manufacturer Fiber Optic Supplier Fiber Optic Company Huihong Technologies Limited is China fiber optic manufacturer and

  • Optics and photonics

    UAE Fiber Optic Cable Supplier

    Evergreen Communications the U.A.E fiber optic company is ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer of custom fiber optic cables assemblies and fiber

  • Optics and photonics

    Fiber Optic Cabinet

    Fiber optic cabinet products are used to organize and protect the fiber optic cables. Typical fiber optic cabinet products used for

  • Optics and photonics

    Butterfly Indoor FTTH Drop Cable

    Butterfly FTTH drop cable is a popular type of fiber access optical cable, according to the different application environment and