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pco.edge 4.2 CLHS – higher quantum efficiency and image data bandwidth

February 22, 2016

PCO a leading camera manufacturer and pioneer of sCMOS technology, presents the new pco.edge 4.2 Camera Link HS camera system. This camera combines an advanced generation sCMOS sensor with the new Camera Link HS (CLHS) interface.


The PCO high performance pco.edge 4.2 sCMOS camera provides a peak quantum efficiency (QE) of up to 82% combined with a small form factor. The implemented Camera Link HS high-speed data interface is dedicated for imaging and vision applications based on standard network hardware. It provides a stable broadband connection for imaging, control data and if required additional signals like trigger events.

Overview of the main parameters of the pco.edge 4.2 CLHS:

  • 2048 x 2048 pixels resolution
  • 100 frames per second
  • 0.8e- med readout noise
  • 37 500 : 1 dynamic range
  • up to 82% quantum efficiency
  • Small form factor