The New MicroJewel, A Compact Nd:YAG DPSS Pulsed Laser

May 3, 2019

The New MicroJewel, A Compact Nd:YAG DPSS Pulsed Laser

Quantum Composers has announced its newest addition to the laser line, the MiniJewel, a compact DPSS, pulsed, Nd:YAG laser to be paired with the upcoming MiniJewel System. The small footprint and rugged design along with an economically minded starting price make this a unique laser in its class that will appeal to a wide variety of scientists and researchers. It has been tested for applications in LIBS, Microablation, Micromachining, and Marking and interest has been raised for a variety of setups and projects.

The laser is a DPSS, Nd:YAG laser that delivers 7.5mJ of energy at 1064 nm and has up to a 50Hz rep rate. This compact laser is 6” long, less than 3 pounds, and is designed for fast and easy system integration. The MiniJewel is a pulsed, conductively cooled, multimode laser allows the user less misalignment or repair downtime and comes with a simple software to control energy, firing mode, and frequency.

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