Instrumentation and measurement

OT-4040 Portable Laser Alignment System

August 9, 2018


  • The On-Trak Photonics OT-4040 Alignment Laser System is a powerful way to perform accurate alignment measurements. It enables measurement of X-Y deviation in real-time at any point on a visible laser reference line – a line extending up to 100 metres long. A “transparent” measurement target can be inserted into any standard NAS tooling sphere along the reference line, and a reading taken with the attached central processing unit. The OT-4040 Alignment Laser System is widely used by aircraft manufacturers, shipbuilders, and the automotive industry.

  • A typical system consists of a single Model OT-4040 LL Alignment Laser, OT-4040 TTS4 Transparent Target, OT-4040 TS4 Reference Target, and two OT-4040 Central Processing Units (one CPU for each target). Numerous options are also available.
  • The OT-4040 provides a conservatively specified 0.025 mm resolution at distances up to 100 metres. A third generation fibre-coupled laser diode delivery system ensures exceptional beam coherence over long distances – even in demanding outdoor environments.

  • A stationary laser, aimed at a reference target up to 100 metres away, creates a “line in space” that serves as a measurement reference. One or more transparent targets are placed directly in the beam path. As the laser light passes through each transparent target, the target determines the X-Y deviation of the laser beam with respect to the centre of the tooling sphere. This positioning information is output, in real-time, to a CPU for control, display and analysis. (An optional Remote Data Terminal or computer can be used for data collection or remote operation.)

  • Two points in space define a line. The laser is positioned so that the beam is centered on targets 1 and 3. Target 2 can be moved nywhere along the beam path to read X,Y deviation. The side view shows deviation in the vertical (Y) direction; the top view shows deviation in the horizontal (X) direction.