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About Accu-Glass Products, Inc

Founded and incorporated in 1978, Accu-Glass Products, Inc. is committed to providing the scientific and industrial vacuum communities with complete air to vacuum connectivity and wiring solutions.

The manufacturing of vacuum hermetic electrical feedthrough products is a highly specialized technology possessed by numerous companies around the world, but how to interface with these electrical feedthroughs is often ignored by most.  We provide solutions that go beyond the air-to-vacuum interface. We take on the task of designing, engineering and manufacturing vacuum components that meet or exceed an application’s requirements and completely address the issues of air and vacuum wiring so our customers don’t have to.

All of our electrical feedthrough products have been designed and manufactured with both air and vacuum compatible connectors and accessories. We maintain a large inventory of components and accessories needed to customize and complete your existing vacuum chamber.

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About Accu-Glass Products, Inc

Accu-Glass Products comprehensive product line includes:

· Hermetically sealed electrical feedthroughs

· Multipin subminiature-D feedthroughs

· Power, thermocouple and coaxial feedthroughs

· UHV cable assemblies

· Air and vacuum side connectors

· Linear and rotary motion feedthroughs

· Fiber optic components

· Isolators/breaks

· Viewports

· High vacuum access doors

· Pressure relief valves

· Burst discs

· In-vacuum wiring, hardware and accessories

We are always prepared to discuss custom engineered solutions for those applications requiring something other than our standard product offering. Accu-Glass Products technical sales engineers are ready to assist with your particular requirements.

Subminiature-D Feedthroughs 9, 15, 25 and 50 Pin / UHV Service to 1x10E-10 Torr
Accu-Glass Products offers a comprehensive line of high and ultrahigh vacuum Subminiature-D feedthroughs and connectivity accessories. These 9, 15, 25 and 50-pin instrumentation feedthroughs are constructed with pin arrangements per Mil-DTL-24308 specification. All pins are gold-plated and arranged in a straight through pin design…hermetically sealed and electrically insulated into stainless steel Conflat ® and ISO NW KF and LF compatible flanges, and/or AG Bulkhead-D rectangular flanges, using the latest in glass-ceramic-metal bonding technology.

Subminiature-D cable assemblies are fitted with PEEK (polyether ether ketone) polymer connectors and Kapton® insulated ribbon cables that meet the demands of UHV environments. Peek connectors feature captured and vented stainless steel screws that secure them to feedthroughs and eliminate virtual leaks. Subminiature-D multi-pin assemblies with up to 250 pin configurations are routinely fabricated. Custom solutions with over 1,000 pins have also been engineered and produced.

Fluid and Gas Feedthroughs / UHV Service to 1x10E-10 Torr
Accu-Glass Products fluid feedthroughs are ideally suited for the efficient delivery of gases and/or cooling liquids into HV and UHV systems. Fluid feedthroughs are available in single or dual seamless tube configurations in 1/8 or 1/4 inch diameters, with walls thicknesses of .028 and .035 inch respectively. Feedthrough tubes are terminated with Swagelok ® standard compression (swaging) fittings, or metal-gasket-seal, UHV-related VCR ® fittings. Custom or bare-tube air-side terminations are also available on request.

AG Fluid feedthroughs are available on Conflat ® compatible CF metal seal flanges or ISO NW quick-release elastomer seal flanges. Dual tube feedthrough fittings are staggered on air and vacuum sides to provide a minimum footprint and maximum tool/service access.

Vacuum Access Doors / High Vacuum Service to 1x10E-8 Torr

Accu-Glass Products is pleased to introduce its new line of vacuum access doors. Currently stocked in a 4.50 Conflat compatible flange mount size, and the 6.00 CF size coming soon. They’re available blank or with a zero-length wide view-angle, 7056 Borosilicate glass viewport welded in the door. AG access doors have a 2.5 and 3.81 clearance bores respectively, but maximum bore clearance is limited by mating hardware geometry.

AG access doors employ a unique dual-axis hinge mechanism in order to exert even pressure on the door’s Viton elastomer seal, producing fast and reliable closures and pump-down cycles. The door’s over-center latching mechanism is quick and simple to use and can be fitted with an optional security cotter pin to prevent accidental unlatching when not under vacuum. Our access doors can be mounted to clearance or threaded CF mating flanges. Larger or smaller custom access door sizes, as well as blind threaded mounting holes are available on request.

Fiber Optic Feedthroughs / Ultrahigh Vacuum Service to 1x10E-10 Torr
Accu-Glass Products hermetically sealed, HV and UHV fiber optic feedthroughs are offered in arrays of one, two, four and seven fiber configurations, where each fiber lead is fitted with an SMA 905 premium connector, hermetically sealed, and welded into standard CF and ISO KF vacuum flange mounts for use in demanding HV and UHV applications. These feedthroughs are rated for temperatures between -269 to 250ºC. Multimode, step-index fiber diameters of 100, 200, 400, 600 and 1000 microns are offered for UV/VIS and VIS/NIR service. Feedthroughs with graded index 62.5 micron fiber and also available. Cables, connectors, couplers, adapters, reflection probes, collimators, cuvettes, sample holders, bare and jacketed fibers, polishing supplies, tools and much more are also available, thus providing complete fiber optic connectivity solutions.

PRV Pressure Relief Valves / High Vacuum Service to 1x10E-8 Torr

Accu-Glass Products pressure relief valves offer a means of protecting vacuum vessels against internal over-pressurization. Besides protecting delicate instruments and equipment, PRVs also minimize risk of injury to system operators and other lab personnel.

How does our PRV work? Pressure buildup inside a vacuum vessel pushes on a spring loaded, elastomer sealed piston. Once the relief valves calibrated pressure limit is reached, the piston is displaced breaking (disengaging) its seal and providing instant pressure relief in the vessel. A PRV’s unique design allows it to be used over and over. For systems operating at high vacuum pressure regimes, PRVs are the economical alternative to single-use burst disc products. Our PRVs can be adjusted to as low as 0.5 PSI relief pressure, if required for your application.

Demountable Viewports / High Vacuum Service to 1x10E-8 Torr
Accu-Glass Products demountable substrate viewports are the economical and flexible alternative to fused or brazed, fixed-mount, vacuum window solutions. Demountable construction provides easy access for maintenance and installation of optional or customized optical substrates. Windows are sealed using a Viton®️elastomer O-ring, and high temperature service (250◦C) is possible with optional Kalrez®️gaskets.

These viewports have a recessed, zero-profile, substrate-to-flange interface providing widest viewing angles and maximum protection. Optical grade materials and synthetic quartz (fused silica) are standard. Optical transmission varies with material and AR coating selection. Acc-Sol™ glass offers greater than 90% transmission over the 350-2200nm spectral range. Quartz (fused silica) is available with several specially formulated broadband anti-reflection coatings (BBAR), producing better than 99% transmission in the following discrete spectral bands…290~370nm (UV, 350~700nm (Type-A), 650~1050nm (Type-B), 1050~1620nm (Type-C)…while a non-coated quartz substrate will transmit somewhere between 70~95% over the 200-2200nm range.

Bulkhead-D Feedthroughs / High Vacuum Service to 1x10E-8 Torr
Accu-Glass Products high vacuum Bulkhead-D feedthrough interface was specifically developed for flat chamber-wall applications where conventional ISO NW KF or LF flanges are either not available, or just not practical. With its universal 2×3.5 inch rectangular stainless steel flange, the Bulkhead-D flange accommodates any of Accu-Glass Products standard 9, 15, 25 and 50-pin subminiature-D feedthroughs, which share common gasket and fastening accessories for simple feedthrough interchangeability. Each Bulkhead-D feedthrough comes with mounting hardware included…a single Viton elastomer gasket and four No. 8-32 UNC stainless steel socket head fastening screws with washers are included. We keep a stock of these feedthroughs and all of our vacuum components at our manufacturing facility in Valencia, California.

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About Accu-Glass Products, Inc

Accu-Glass Products works with many universities, national laboratories and R&D facilities in the US and worldwide.

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About Accu-Glass Products, Inc

Our products are used in aerospace, semiconductor, coating, electronics, optics, R&D and other science and industrial applications

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About Accu-Glass Products, Inc


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