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About Allectra Ltd.

Allectra is a leading manufacturer of High Vacuum and UHV components.

The company was founded sixteen years ago by two physicist entrepreneurs and has seen widespread adoption of its proprietary technology across multiple scientific disciplines. Allectra has also built a solid reputation for the delivery of complex high-profile projects.

Allectra specialises in electrical feedthroughs, cables, accessories and other items such as viewports. The company has three manufacturing facilities, one in the UK and two in Germany, with both scientific and engineering capabilities.

The company is actively involved in the development of new products which can yield technical advantage or cost-saving over conventional components. Our product range includes Pressure Burst Disks –three versions available including an ultra low pressure type with protective mesh cover, radiation resistant KAP301 insulated wires and radiation resistant wire with PEEK insulation.

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About Allectra Ltd.

Allectra offers a full range of components for High Vacuum and UHV. The range includes:

Sub D Feedthroughs
Electrical Feedthroughs for UHV and High Vacuum, compliant with the Sub-miniature D specification

Circular Miniature Feedthroughs
CM (Circular Miniature) Series Feedthroughs; Industry Standard Air Side Connectors and Allectra UHV Vacuum Sockets

Coaxial Feedthroughs
Co-axial Feedthroughs standard and 50 ohm types; High Voltage and High Frequency versions

Power/High Voltage Feedthroughs
Power Feedthroughs on CF, KF flanges and Baseplate types; Ceramic Breaks

Thermocouple Feedthroughs
Thermocouple Feedthroughs on CF and KF flanges

Kapton wires and Accessories
Kapton wire for UHV; PTFE wires: Solder, heaters and accessories

UHV and High Vacuum Viewports in Standard Glass or other materials including Fused Silica (Quartz)

Fibre Optics
UHV and High Vacuum Fibre Optic Components

Gate Valves and Angle Valves for use in High Vacuum and UHV

Motion in Vacuum
UHV devices manual and motorised for motion in Vacuum

CF Flanges and Fittings
UHV Flanges and Fittings

KF Flanges and Fittings
High Vacuum KF Clamp Flanges

ISO Flanges and Fittings
High Vacuum ISO Large Flanges

Special Purpose and Adaptor Components
Special Components for between series and System Protection including Pressure Burst Discs

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About Allectra Ltd.

Allectra has custom design and manufacturing departments with engineering and scientific capability in both the UK and Germany.


We provide High-Vacuum and Ultra-High Vacuum components and bespoke solutions in multiple scientific and technology disciplines.

Allectra has a skilled team of physicists, technical advisers, engineers and specialist  project managers. We will produce detailed engineering drawings based on customers’ sketches – 3D compatibility check is included.

Manufactured parts, which may be special flanges made from stainless steel are produced in the company’s advanced workshop using numerically controlled manufacturing centres.

All items are fully tested before being commissioned; and cleaned to our ultra- high vacuum standard (            UHV) before being despatched to a pre-agreed delivery date.

 Allectra is a green company and uses only environmentally approved cleaning fluids. The workshop and offices are heated by a carbon neutral wood pellet boiler and electricity for the manufacturing is generated by solar PV panels on the roof.

 Allectra Limited is ISO 9001 certified.

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About Allectra Ltd.

Allectra is committed to developing new products which can yield technical advantage or cost-saving over conventional components.


By using these products, our customers are able to take advantage of the latest High Technology advancements we have been able to identify. For example, our Circular Miniature Feedthroughs are compact and can still hold up to 19 pins. They have now been adopted as a standard by Synchrotrons worldwide.

Our physicists and engineers originate, develop and manufacture components for the High Technology marketplace. These components have included High Current standard Sub-D feedthroughs, PT100 Resistors with a screw clamp mounting, the Allectra Triaxial feedthrough, Pressure Burst Disks – three versions, Radiation Resistant KAP301 insulated wires and high temperature, high radiation resistant limit switches (all materials compliant to ITER specifications).

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About Allectra Ltd.

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