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About Asahi Spectra Co., Ltd.

Asahi Spectra Co., Ltd. was founded in 1970 in Tokyo and has developed photonics tools for over 45 years, and now provides state-of-the-art optical filters by a vacuum deposition technology such as ion assisted deposition (IAD) and magnetron sputtering (MS).

Nowadays, customer requirements are becoming more complicated as optical innovation advances, and most requirements can not be satisfied by just optical filter technology. So we have been trying to expand our field to “optical instruments” based on our 45 years accumulated optical know-how as you can see how professional our optical instruments are.

Stop by our website to find the best solutions, and let’s discuss what you require for your science.

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About Asahi Spectra Co., Ltd.

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Optical Instruments




The MAX-350 is the xenon light source 300W with filters.

This unit can emit intended monochromatic wavelengths by the combination of optical components.

In addition, the output light has less IR heat thanks to the embedded filter module.

This source is useful especially for photochemistry and photoreaction.




The HAL-320 is the solar simulator with xenon 300W lamp.

It achieves high approximation of solar spectrum with AM 1.5G and our unique fiber illumination system enables the illumination for any directions


LED light source

The CL-1501 is the high power LED light source. It is possible to use several wavelength from UV to IR by changing LED heads. Daisy chain is available. (Up to 8 units)




The CMS-100 is the single grating monochromator of the Czerny Turner design. It achieves to control the wavelength by 0.1nm interval and the slit width can be controlled automatically by remote controller.

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[TLV-304 -LC]

The TLV-304-LC is the transmittance meter with luminous filter.

It achieves to check the quick measurement of transmittance close to the sensitivity of human eyes.

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The TLV-304-BP is the transmittance meter with bandpass filters.

It achieves to measure a sample by the specified wavelength.




Light Source Accessories
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Light Guide Rod Unit

The rod unit achieves to irradiate the wavelength in  liquid by attaching the light guide.

It achieves to insert the head into the slender container such as a NMR tube and the taper shape is available for a micro tube.

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About Asahi Spectra Co., Ltd.

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KOS, Inc.
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SP Technology Co., Ltd.
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Sales agency in Europe

Mountain Photonics GmbH

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