Bristol Industrial & Research Associates Ltd (Biral) was established in 1975, and is a recognised supplier of meteorological instruments offering one of the largest ranges of products available. Our scope extends from sensors to measure wind, temperature, precipitation, visibility, solar radiation and other standard parameters to present weather sensors and complete weather station. Equipment is available to suit all needs from basic monitoring to fundamental research. In addition to a long tradition of promoting and selling other manufacturers’ equipment Biral designs and manufactures its own equipment. The Biral manufactured VPF Visibility and Present Weather sensors provide outstanding levels of accuracy and performance. The unmatched reliability and durability is reflected in their extensive use in critical applications such as marine navigational aids, roadside fog warning and airport RVR systems. The first sensors to use forward scatter in combination with an infra-red LED light source, the VPF range remains at the forefront of visibility and present weather measurement. Wind measurement is a major focus of the Biral meteorological product range. We can provide everything from simple cup and vane systems to sophisticated instruments for micro-meteorology or atmospheric boundary layer research. This diversity allows Biral to perfectly match the equipment to the application and customer budget. Working closely with leading ultrasonic anemometer manufacturers Biral has helped to develop both national and international markets. Biral remains a major supplier of ultrasonic anemometers with an unmatched knowledge of their use and applications. As a dedicated member of the scientific community Biral actively participates in European scientific projects such as CRAFT and belongs to the Royal Meteorological Society, the American Meteorological Society and the European Meteorological Society. The manufacturing side of the business has undergone heavy investment in order to offer a fast, reliable and high quality service. Our manufacturing processes and experienced staff are focused on producing a superior product which meets customers’ requirement. Biral is committed to providing a first class calibration, product support and repair service for all Biral supplied equipment. Additionally, service personnel carry out full functional checkouts of equipment prior to delivery to customers. The service department works closely with the manufacturing facility to provide a dedicated, quality service. Biral’s rigorous quality system confirms to the requirements of ISO 9001:2000. Our procedures are structured to ensure that equipment is designed, manufactured, serviced, repaired and calibrated to the highest possible quality standards.

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