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Fastest, Most Accurate, Most Reliable

IBA Dosimetry offers a full range of innovative high-quality solutions and services that maximize efficiency and minimize errors in Radiation Therapy, Medical Imaging Quality Assurance and Calibration procedures.


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About IBA Dosimetry America

myQA global dosimetry platform covering all major aspects of modern Quality Assurance in one software platform,  All-in-one, All Connected, All Secure

myQA® – Your Global QA Platform

Are you having difficulty keeping an overview of your QA? Are you missing a link between your data, software programs and hardware devices? Are you suffering from a lack of support and data organization? Introducing: myQA®  – Your All-in-One, All Connected, and All Secure solution.

Discover Your All-in-One, All Connected, All Secure, Global QA Platform!

myQA® is a unique platform that connects QA applications, people, and know-how through a Central Database and the Cloud. It offers full support throughout all of your QA, and enables you access to the different software modules and all of your data from one intuitive interface – anywhere & anytime.

All-in-One: Have full control of your data with myQA Platform!

  • Integrate all your QA applications and data into one software platform and one Central Database (SQL)
  • Accessible throughout your department and even satellites
  • Data safety and compliance with administration rights, central approvals and reporting

All Connected: Never miss any QA information again with myQA Cockpit!

  • Keep an instant overview with simple and clear reporting on one screen
  • Track your patient data and machine QA status

All Secure: Benchmark data for full trust in your results with myQA Cloud!

  • Perform benchmarking of your QA data for best practice checks
  • Connect (anonymously) with peers and data from around the world

myQA Machines (TG-142)

Integrated into the global QA platform myQA, the myQA Machines software module is your complete protocol based machine QA solution.  It offers a full TG-142 coverage of tests related to dosimetry, safety, medical imaging, MLC QA… and more!

myQA Machines – Your Total MQA Solution

  • Protocol based machine QA with TG-142 being the default
  • Generic tests and customizable protocols
  • Full coverage of tests related to dosimetry, safety, medical imaging, MLC QA, and more!
  • Flexible scheduling tool to manage your tasks, resources, and time
  • Comprehensive analysis, archiving, and reporting tools
  • Interface to myQA Cockpit for quick and easy access to all QA results through web browser

All results can be exported to reports, saved in the myQA database, benchmarked in the myQA Cloud, and are shown in the myQA Cockpit.

myQA Machines offers plug-ins for all of your QA needs:

  • Dosimetry Plug-In:
    • Perform automated dosimetry tests with the StarTrack* or MatriXX detectors
    • Acquire all key beam parameters in just one shot (dose output, profile analysis, energy verification)
    • Analysis of main axis and diagonals (field size, symmetry, flatness, center, penumbra, light field)
    • Scheduled and protocol based tests
  • MLC QA Plug-In:
    • Perform automated MLC stripe tests (also known as ‘picket fence test’)
    • EPID images and films with radiation stripe patterns can be analyzed to determine leaf position accuracy and MLC transmission characteristics
    • Identifies whether any leaf is not in tolerance and which leaf number failed
    • Every pixel of every strip is fitted to a modified Lorentzian curve to achieve results with sub-pixel accuracy
  • VMAT Plug-In:
    • Perform automated dynamic MLC QA
    • Automatic test analysis to verify accurate dose delivery using different dose rates, gantry speeds, and MLC leaf speeds
    • Ensures that the changing rates and speeds during delivery do not adversely affect the delivered dose
  • CBCT QA Plug-In:
    • Perform automated imaging QA for CT and CBCT, including contrast, contrast to noise ratio, uniformity, HU deviation, spatial resolution, imaging scaling, and more!
    • Compatible with all common imaging phantoms
  • EPID QA Plug-In:
    • Perform automated imaging QA for planar imaging (kV and MV)
    • Fully automatic with all calculations performed in 5 seconds or less
    • Compatible with all common imaging phantoms

PLUS: myQA FastTrack – Measurement Application for StarTrack* and MatriXX

  • Instant display of results and real-time analysis (e.g. For beam steering)
  • Allows the Linac technician to setup unscheduled tests

Proton Therapy QA and Dosimetry – Unique Solutions

Unique Solutions offering unique advantages for Proton Therapy QA. IBA Dosimetry offers the Fastest, most Accurate and most Reliable way to reach your goals in Proton Therapy QA.In one of the fastest growing markets of cancer treatment, IBA Dosimetry conquers its place by providing Treatment Accuracy & Safety.

Your complete Proton Therapy QA portfolio to ensure treatment safety and Fastest, Most Accurate and Most Reliable Dosimetry.

IBA Dosimetry offers you unique and dedicated solutions to address all your QA and dosimetry needs for your all treatment modalities (Scattering, Uniform Scanning and PBS). Developed with leading PT centers and IBA Proton Therapy experts, the solutions are optimized for the QA needs in PT, from commissioning to Machine QA and Patient QA.

1) Faster PT Commissioning:
Solutions encompass dedicated Stingray Large Chamber for PBS beam in the Blue Phantom², the Giraffe for Bragg Peak verification and Lynx for spot characteristics and positions.

2) Faster PT Machine QA and Moring Checks:

What if you could save up to 1:45 hours a day in PT Morning QA?

Use Giraffe for your bragg peak verification and Lynx for spot characteristics evaluations.

3) Faster Patient QA:

DigiPhant PT is your unique digital water phantom solution to maximized treatment quality and safety through advanced Patient QA.

IBA Solutions provides you quality and time saving answers to efficient commissioning & dose verification whenever needed

Stealth Chamber™ & Razor Detector for Small Field Dosimetry

SRS / SBRT Commissioning Accuracy & Efficiency with unique StealthChamber™ and RAZOR detector enabling significant time saving with high beam scanning accuracy!

StealthChamber™ – Perturbation Free “beam invisible“ Reference Signal Chamber for Relative Dosimetry

Unique Efficiency

  • Avoid frequent walks into the linac room and save 2 hours each commissioning day ¹
  • Mounted Stealth Chamber design does not require frequent repositioning as previously required for every field size change using standard reference chambers

Uncompromised Accuracy

  • Leverage continuous scanning efficiency without compromising measurement accuracy
  • Excellent reproducible reference signal quality even for SRS/ SBRT fields

Universal Plug & Play

  • Use the Stealth Chamber with any existing water phantom
  • Ready to use without additional system upgrades or modifications

Typical time saving with StealthChamber™ based commissioning of a most used TPS: Calculation based on a typical amount of 55 times repositioning of a conventional reference chamber for a typical measurement of PDDs, HW-Profiles, in-plane and cross-plane profiles for 2 photon energies. Average time for entering LINAC vault for chamber repositioning was estimated to be 2 min. Values are examples and can vary depending on your commissioning needs.

RAZOR Detector – High Performance Diode Detector for Small Field Dosimetry in RT

  • High performance diode detector
  • Diode detector designed for Relative Dosimetry
  • For photon and electron beam

QA & Dosimetry Trainings – ICC

The International Competence Center “ICC “ offers high-level training courses in Dosimetry for Radiation Therapy and Medical Imaging for healthcare professionals. Renowned international speakers, state-of-the-art equipment and individual training workstations can offer you a unique environment for hands-on trainings experience and most up-to date knowledge transfer in our field.

The International Competence Center “ICC” provides you with unique training courses in the field of radiation therapy as well as medical imaging. Our mission is to offer professional experience to enhance the understanding in the area of dosimetry and to provide clinical competence by applying the knowledge gained in lectures and practical sessions.

The curriculum content offers important topics in Dosimetry and QA. Fundamental aspects as well as advanced training contents enable training participants to carry out their work in a safe, confident, efficient and compliant way.

A combination of classroom lectures with hands-on training in small groups guarantees a most efficient didactic environment. Lectures are provided by renowned clinical experts as well as by experienced IBA scientific staff.

The ICC offers a state-of-the art LINAC (FFfree delivery, VMAT, 160-leaf MLC, cone-beam CT, EPID), Monte-Carlo planning system, R&V as well as all IBA dosimetry and QA products.

ICC:  Your Dosimetry training designed for your excellence, experience and competence!

myQA Patients: New 2D Plan Verification

Integrated into the global QA platform myQA, the myQA Patients is your workflow-optimized software for complete pre-treatment plan verification of conventional, IMRT, and volumetric rotational treatments.

Increase your efficiency and reduce patient QA time in just 4 steps!

myQA Patients: Efficient, Intuitive, & Connected to the myQA Platform

myQA Patients is fully integrated into myQA Platform and the Central Database (SQL), allowing network-wide access and management of data, equipment, and user rights.

Never miss any key information with myQA Cockpit: Keep an instant overview of your patients, projects, and equipment data with clear reporting and managing on one screen.

2D Pre-treatment Plan Verification in just 4 steps:

  • Import & Prepare: Fast preparation of new patient data and equipment
  1. Swift and convenient import from TPS
  2. Flexible extended DICOM interface
  3. Prepare patient data and treatment plans in your office before you measure at the Linac
  • Measure: Connect your existing MatriXX or StarTrack* detectors!
  1. Save time with fewer steps and a workflow-guided menu
  2. Save your measurements in the myQA Central Database (SQL)
  3. Analyze immediately or at your convenience
  • Verify: Comprehensive and efficient analysis of planned vs. measured treatments
  1. Rapid calculation and quick review of results
  2. Relative and absolute gamma evaluation
  3. 1D and 2D visual and mathematical analysis tools
  4. Wide range of algorithms for data processing
  • Report: Easy reporting and archiving with myQA Platform & myQA Cockpit
  1. Template-based “one-click” fast reporting
  2. Export as RTF, HTML, or PDF file
  3. Plan approval including comments


Blue Phantom² – Efficiency for Linac Commissioning & Annual QA

Blue Phantom² – The original, based on 40 years of experience and leading innovations! Gold standard water phantom allowing fastest, most Accurate and most Reliable Linac and TPS commissioning and QA.

The Blue Phantom² system, along with the powerful scanning software myQA Accept and the Common Control Unit (CCU), is the leading water phantom solution for radiation therapy (RT) beam scanning.  The systems unique design facilitates faster and more accurate commissioning of RT treatment systems which is fundamental for safe patient treatments.  Unique certified accuracy of 0.1mm detector positioning based on unique of absolute positioning sensors!

For over 40 years IBA Dosimetry has been developing high quality Dosimetry equipment and services, with more than 4,000 satisfied water phantom users worldwide.

IBA Dosimetry is continually striving for innovative solutions and services in order to constantly improve Dosimetry. The company embodies decades of expertise, research and experience in the development and clinical use of water phantom systems which includes their latest development, the Blue Phantom² system

COMPASS 2-in-1 Patient based Plan QA

COMPASS, the first and most sophisticated solution for advanced IMRT and rotational plan verification.  What if you could maximize efficiency and minimize errors?  With COMPASS’ new QuickCheckTM you can have verification of the whole delivery chain, including your Linac!

COMPASS offers you a unique 2-in-1 Solution:

Measurement AND Calculation Based Patient Plan Verification

COMPASS offers full workflow flexibility, allowing you to choose the most efficient workflow for your needs: either Calculation based TPS check or Measurement based, using comprehensive collapsed cone independent calculations.

  • Calculation based TPS Check: verification for standard cases
  • Measurement based: for complex cases including your linac delivery in the verification chain

Accuracy counts! Modern treatment planning systems use advanced dose algorithms. Why would a clinician rely on a rudimentary dose algorithm for plan verification? COMPASS provides the highest RTPS class accuracy dose calculation on CT and DVH that allows you to make safety-critical decisions.  With QuickCheckTM, you receive a visual “Pass” or an alert for missed prescriptions and tolerances.

Overcome phantom uncertainties with independent secondary TPS calculation in 3D and 4D measurement based verification.  COMPASS’ CT-based calculation provides the accurate dose and DVH for clinically relevant verification.

Verify the patient plan based on a complete understanding of the clinical relevance of dose discrepancies and necessary corrective action via an independent dose engine.

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About IBA Dosimetry America

IBA Dosimetry is closely developing solutions with clinical collaboration partners around the world. We also collaborate closely with industry leading vendors in Radiation Therapy and Medical Imaging to drive patient safety and QA efficiency

What's new

About IBA Dosimetry America

IBA Dosimetry is closely developing solutions with clinical collaboration partners around the world. We also collaborate closely with industry leading vendors in Radiation Therapy and Medical Imaging to drive patient safety and QA efficiency

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About IBA Dosimetry America

Global service organization based in USA, Germany and China. 24/7 service accessibility. Global customer training network and International Competence Center.

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