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About Laser Quantum Ltd

Leading the way with lasers

Laser Quantum, formed in the 1990’s by three PhD students from the University of Manchester, has grown considerably over the past 20 years into a global company; recognised for the quality, reliability and the scientific advances it brings to the photonics market. Laser Quantum has gained success through its continued drive for improvement; insisting upon knowledge, passion and integrity from employees and reliability, worthiness and quality from its products. With employee numbers continuing to grow, Laser Quantum is ever-increasing its expertise. It has also expanded in terms of offices with facilities in the UK, USA and Germany.

Some of the attributed success is down to Laser Quantum’s new product development and initiatives to support its customers’ requirements. With a full range of continuous wave lasers from wavelengths 473-1064nm, Laser Quantum is able to satisfy the market needs for both industrial and research communities. In addition to this, the acquisitions of Gigaoptics Gmbh and Venteon Laser Technology Gmbh have enabled Laser Quantum to bring together the principles of robust design and leading ultrafast technology, resulting in unique GHz laser technology and ultra-short, few-cycle pulses and amplification. The three companies independently developed lasers that simultaneously complement each other and address different applications. The Laser Quantum offices share a common vision for the products and services it provides to customers and is dedicated to the design and manufacture of innovative laser technologies. Laser Quantum provide researchers with the tools they need to advance scientific knowledge and understanding, clinicians to safely perform medical treatments and manufacturers to improve the capabilities of their products.

Laser Quantum has a passion for the products and services it provides to customers, with the mission to become the premier global supplier of laser technology. Laser Quantum is determined to keep its core principles at the forefront of its success. It has achieved recognition through building unambiguous and sincere relationships with customers in order to deliver the laser solutions they seek. Part of the secret to Laser Quantum’s success is the fact that it always judges itself through the eyes of its customers and this is shown through the trust gained from customers.

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About Laser Quantum Ltd

Laser Quantum researches, develops and manufactures a range of CW and UF lasers and oscillators. Covering a wide wavelength, power and repetition rate range; every laser is thoroughly tested for its beam quality, robustness and is supplied with industry leading warranty periods. Our lasers are used in fundamental research in physics, super-resolution, fluorescence and two photon microscopy, optical trapping and many other laser applications.

Offering lasers across the spectrum; green, red, blue, yellow and Infra-Red (IR), manufactured to a variety of different sizes, powers and technologies, all tested for robustness and provided with long lifetime warranties.

Green lasers especially 532nm, are perhaps the most widely used wavelength of all those available. From a few tens of mW for bio-imaging, a few hundred mW for Raman spectroscopy, fluorescence imaging and holography to Watts for optical tweezing and higher powers for Ti:Sapphire oscillator pumping.

Red lasers are growing in importance, especially the 660nm and 671nm. They are especially prominent in DNA sequencing, fluorescence and Raman imaging and with the development of higher powers, super-resolution microscopy uses the red laser for de-excitation.

Blue lasers, 473nm, are often used in bio-medical imaging, neuroscience, optogenetics, Raman or fluorescence microscopy, and as such are heavily used in research labs that demand the highest of flexibility and beam quality.

Yellow lasers 561nm, are often used in bio-medical imaging and cytometry. These applications require lasers that are both reliable and robust but with flexible control and high quality beam characteristics.

Infra-red (IR) lasers at 1064nm are primarily used for optical trapping, tweezing and manipulation of small particles. These techniques allow measurement and monitoring of the particles without interference from other mechanical or chemical restraining mechanisms. Laser Quantum offers a number of IR 1064nm lasers, all using power control feedback to ensure high power stability, and with extensive testing of beam quality, they are ideally suited to optical manipulation and many other demanding applications needing IR lasers.


The ultrafast laser range has a broad laser offering in a variety of repetition rates and pulse lengths. The various ranges meet the increasing demands for ultrafast lasers.

The MHz range meets application’s needs, offering different architectures, pulse durations and operations. The two key ranges; the gecco and venteon range offer specific characteristics. The self-starting and maintaining mechanism of the gecco is extra-cavity and takes only a press of the start button and mode locking can be achieved within 5 minutes of system start-up. The venteon range is based on ultra-short pulse durations with high spectral bandwidths.

Gigahertz repetition rates can offer many benefits over megahertz lasers in a variety of applications. Mode spacing in frequency combs have wider separation and higher powers, two photon microscopists will see equivalent image quality, but have much longer sample viability due to the lower peak power and pump-probe experiments have greater resolution.

Few-cycle, short laser pulses have a number of advantages for researchers, with Laser Quantum’s range of short pulse lasers producing the shortest commercially available pulse duration, typically below 5fs. At a constant average power, short pulses have a higher peak power and the higher spectral bandwidth is important for spectroscopy, THz generation and OPCPA seeding application. They also benefit the study of ultrafast processes in such applications as pump-probe or time domain spectroscopy.

THz radiation is a fast growing area of research due to its non-ionising nature and transparency to many materials. Combined with time domain spectroscopy, it can provide information on the samples effect on amplitude and phase of the radiation, thereby provide more information than other spectroscopic techniques.

AmplificationLaser Quantum is capable of all the necessary technology required to realize a complete OPCPA system and proved its expertise, knowledge and competence by developing the world’s first commercial OPCPA.

Options & Customisation

Both continuous wave and ultra-fast lasers have options for you to adapt your lasers to better suit your needs and environment. Some of these further options are software, cooling solutions, polarisation choices, fibre coupling, modulation and optics and mechanics. Laser Quantum endeavour to meet your needs.

Instruments & Accessories

Laser Quantum offers a range of accessories and instruments for working with ultrafast lasers to make the best usage of the laser beams and to enable control and monitoring to ensure the correct characteristics for any application. A variety of specialist equipment is offered to help you achieve your requirements.

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About Laser Quantum Ltd

Laser Quantum works with many of the top institutions in the world, studying anything from fundamental physics to the structure of the brain. We have clients in a range of scientific and industrial disciplines and our lasers are developed to meet their needs.

Collaborating with research institutes, Laser Quantum is continually developing its lasers to meet the needs of scientific advances, and has worked with universities across the globe, including; University College London, University of South Florida, Kirchhoff- Institute for Physics and University of Konstanz and the Centre for Applied Photonics.

In addition, Laser Quantum is always keen to develop relationships and work on industrial and research projects and have strong relationships with various companies; M Squared, Amplitude Technologies, Thorlabs and Lightwind to name a few. Ensuring it is at the cutting edge of technology, Laser Quantum is active in project work and currently involved in the Metrocomb project: Developing a femtosecond MIR frequency-comb. This is an EU sponsored project to extend research and development into femtosecond frequency combs to create compact, robust and commercially viable units to aid the advances of research. The investment into the femtosecond frequency comb offers numerous opportunities especially those in the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum, where current conventional frequency-comb lasers cannot operate. Some of these applications include infrared gas sensing, metrology and spectroscopy.

Laser Quantum is a global company with offices or distributors on every continent. Both Laser Quantum and its distributors are happy to assist you in any queries you may have. Please contact your local office, full details can be found at:

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About Laser Quantum Ltd

Laser Quantum’s lasers are suitable for a wide and diverse list of applications. In physics departments our lasers are used to pump ultrafast oscillators, create frequency combs with higher stabilised phase behaviour and conduct ultrafast time domain spectroscopy with high resolution benefits of using repetition offsets rather than the limitations asociated with the traditional translational slide method of creating time delay.

In biomedical laboratories, our lasers are routinely used for fluorescence microscopy including super-resolution, our GHz femtosecond lasers show great advantages for imaging lifetimes, optical tweezing and trapping, DNA sequencing and cytometry.

In analytical laboratories, Raman spectroscopy, PIV, holography and interferometry are ideal applications and industry uses them for optical testing, heads up displays and marking applications.

Laser Quantum can offer the right laser with the characteristics needed to exceed the demands put on them. For more information, please visit

Some of the applications Laser Quantum’s lasers are used in.

3D holographic storage Amplifier seeding Asynchronous Optical Sampling (ASOPS) Biomedical imaging
Brillouin scattering Carrier Envelope Phase Stabilisation Cytometry and cell sorting DNA sequencing
Dual Comb CARS Fluorescence imaging Holography and holographic storage Interferometry
IR optical testing Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV) Lithography Marking & etching
Ophthalmology Optical tweezers Optogenetics Particle Imaging Velocimetry (PIV)
Raman spectroscopy and microscopy Semiconductor inspection STED microscopy Terahertz optical pumping
Ti/Dye optical pumping Ti: Sapphire pumping Two-photon microscopy Ultrafast time domain spectroscopy

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About Laser Quantum Ltd

Support Worldwide

Laser Quantum lasers are synonymous with high-quality, robust lasers, supplied with industry leading, full specification warranty periods. The MTTF rates exceed 800,000 hours due to the rigorous testing regime employed before any laser leaves the factory.

Our service does not end once a laser has been delivered, we are at hand to support you with our quick, reliable and highly trained service team should you ever need us. All our lasers can be controlled remotely via the internet and can be connected to our service department for diagnosis and optimisation anywhere in the world without the laser leaving the owners laboratory.

Our service engineers will provide you with excellent support and are continually updating their skills and knowledge with regular training sessions across our sites and on the full range of lasers we supply.

For more information on our service please contact us, further details can be found at

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