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Founded in 2000, Modus Medical Devices Inc. develops and manufactures cost-effective and innovative quality assurance tools for advanced radiotherapy and medical imaging. Today, there are over 4,500 QUASAR™ phantoms being used in more than 2,700 leading treatment centres worldwide.

Advances in radiotherapy and medical imaging create the need for more sophisticated QA technology and solutions. Medical physicists are looking for ways to implement comprehensive test protocols and to reduce QA testing time, so they can get online faster and with more confidence.

Modus QA responds to this need by providing a wide range of QA phantoms and software for daily testing, commissioning new equipment and new techniques, and supporting the dosimetric and nondosimetric testing of upgrades, repairs and software fixes. Modus QA is proud to have been first to market in a number of significant areas, including: MRI-guided radiotherapy, daily on-board imaging, cone beam optical CT scanning for 3D dosimetry and nondosimetric QA. Modus QA also developed the first commercial programmable respiratory motion phantom and platform.

Modus QA has grown steadily based on a strong foundation of science, research, development and collaboration with medical physicists around the world. Today, Modus QA employees remain committed to assisting medical physicists in fulfilling their responsibilities more efficiently and accurately, which ultimately results in improved patient care.

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About Modus QA

QUASAR™ MRI4D Motion Phantom

Compatible with low and high field strength MRI scanners, the MR safe 4D Motion QA system is used for multiple testing applications including imaging, planning, and delivery.


QUASAR™ MRID3D Geometric Distortion Analysis System

A novel, patent pending, cost-effective QA system for quantifying geometric distortion in 3D MR images.


QUASAR™ GRID3D Image Distortion Analysis System

Designed to produce a 3D map of spatial distortion with submillimeter accuracy throughout a volume of interest for SRS.



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About Modus QA

QUASAR™ Penta-Guide Phantom

Used for daily testing to ensure the accuracy of linac-mounted Image-Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT) systems, including CBCT, XVI and OBI.


QUASAR™ Penta-Guide Software

Designed to simplify and enhance daily cone beam CT QA through automated image analysis. This time-saving application automates the analysis and reporting for kV-MV projection images as well as 3D cone beam CT images.


QUASAR™ IsoCenter Cube Phantom

Designed to perform a modified Winston-Lutz test for IGRT accuracy and analyze EPID radiation field exposures and report various errors.


QUASAR™ Winston-Lutz Wand Phantom

Used in conjunction with the MV Beam and portal imager to quantify mechanical outputs of the LINAC such as: relative gantry, collimator and table isocenter positions and overall diameters, linear positions, gantry sag, and jaw symmetry.


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About Modus QA

QUASAR™ MRI4D Motion Phantom

Compatible with low and high field strength MRI scanners, the MR safe Motion QA system is used for multiple testing applications including imaging, planning, and delivery.


QUASAR™ Respiratory Motion Phantom

A state-of-the-art breathing simulator for conducting QA testing on radiotherapy systems using patient respiratory waveforms.


QUASAR™ Respiratory Motion Platform

Designed to move your existing phantoms with programmable respiratory and sinusoidal motion profiles for patient-specific QA.


QUASAR™ Cylindrical Respiratory Motion Phantom

Simulates patient breathing by moving interchangeable inserts inside a cylindrical diode array.


QUASAR™ Catphan Shaker Motion Phantom

Designed to enable 4D CT image QA by moving a Catphan® phantom with programmable respiratory and sinusoidal motion profiles.


QUASAR™ Dynamic Contrast Enhanced CT System (DCE-CT)

Is routinely used to quantify and calibrate the CT number linearity for densities applicable to iodine injections.



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About Modus QA

QUASAR™ eQA Software

A time-saving Linac QA application designed to automate EPID image analysis and reporting of important TG142 recommended QA tests without the need for film.


QUASAR™ Multi-Purpose Body Phantom

A flexible QA tool designed to perform both dosimetric and nondosimetric tests on radiotherapy systems.


QUASAR™ MLC Beam Geometry Phantom

Designed to address the complex non-dosimetric, beam geometry and beam imaging features of modern planning systems by testing the integrity and revealing errors such as beam imaging and DICOM transfer.


QUASAR™ Verification Phantom

Enables accurate measurements on a wide variety of radiotherapy techniques, including IMRT, SRS and rotational therapies.


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