About NKT Photonics

NKT Photonics is the leading supplier of high performance fiber lasers, fiber optic sensing systems, and photonic crystal fibers. Our main markets are within imaging, sensing and material processing. Our products include ultrafast lasers, supercontinuum white light lasers, low noise fiber lasers, distributed temperature sensing systems and a wide range of specialty fibers. NKT Photonics has its headquarters in Denmark with sales and service worldwide. NKT Photonics is wholly owned by NKT Holding A/S.

We have lasers in space and deep under the oceans and our products run in both clean rooms and on oil rigs at sea. We seed the World’s largest laser fusion experiment and power hundreds of the most advanced microscopes on the Globe. We aim to make a difference in the World and we are involved in projects that will transform the way we live through life-science, renewable energy and the basic understanding of the Universe. With over fifteen years of expertise, IP and experience, NKT Photonics strives to continually be the market leader in everything we do.

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About NKT Photonics

History of NKT Photonics

Nordiske Kabel og Traadfabriker (today NKT) was founded by Prior in 1891 and has been a listed company since 1898.

Over the next 90 years the company grew into one of Denmark’s foremost industrial enterprises, with focus on cable production (electricity, power and telecommunication cables), but also active in the production of nails, screws and other hardware for the Danish market.


NKT starts production of optical fibers in Denmark. In 1987 NKT and AT&T creates a joint venture under the name LYCOM. LYCOM later becomes part of Lucent Technologies, Lucent Technologies Denmark, the predecessor of OFS Fitel Denmark.


The first Koheras low-noise single-frequency fiber lasers were introduced into the market


NKT establishes several R&D companies. Among them are Crystal Fibre and Koheras (Ionas at the time) that would form the foundation of NKT Photonics.

NKT divests GiGA to Intel

The first commercial photonic crystal fibers were introduced into the market by Crystal Fibre


The first SuperK supercontinuum white light lasers were introduced into the market.


Crystal Fibre acquires UK start-up Blaze Photonics


Acquisition of LG Laser GmbH and later establishing NKT Photonics GmbH


Koheras merges with NKT Research


Crystal Fibre – the largest commercial supplier of microstructured specialty fiber and Koheras – the leading company within low noise lasers and SuperK supercontinuum white light lasers, merge and become NKT Photonics.

Establishing NKT Photonics Inc.


The first Koheras lasers are sent into space as part of ESA’s magnetic field mission, Swarm.


Establishing NKT Photonics China


German DTS specialists LIOS Technology becomes part of NKT Photonics

NKT Photonics acquires UK fiber laser manufacturer Fianium


NKT Photonics acquires Swiss ultrafast laser manufacturer Onefive and pulsed laser diode specialists Advanced Laser Diode Systems, ALS.

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About NKT Photonics

At NKT Photonics we believe in doing things the right way. We will always conduct our businesses in a responsible manner and target sustainable solutions with a view to ensuring continued success and growth.

NKT became signatory to the UN Global Compact in 2009 and provides a yearly Communication on Progress (COP) report on human and labour rights, environment and anti-corruption.

NKT’s work in the area of social responsibility has been formalised by the framework provided by the UN Global Compact and thus supports NKT’s mission of long-term value creation both in our businesses and in the international community. This is the only way to ensure future development and growth, as we see it.

The NKT Group is active worldwide and engages with numerous stakeholders representing a variety of interests, including employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, business partners and the communities in which we do business. We believe that establishing and maintaining standards with respect to human and labour rights, environment and anti-corruption will provide for a more sustainable business environment to the benefit of both NKT and our stakeholders.

The NKT Ethics Statement expresses our commitment to promoting Group-wide ethical standards, compliance and accountability. We demand and expect all persons or entities representing any part of NKT to act in compliance with these standards.

Human Rights
We support and respect internationally proclaimed human rights and will not be complicit to abuses thereof.

Diversity and Non-discrimination
We perceive diversity as an important asset. We are firmly committed to providing equal opportunity to our employees and will not tolerate discrimination or harassment based on religion, race, colour, gender, age, sexual orientation, political orientation, birthright or other status.

Freedom of Association
We support and will not interfere with our employees’ freedom to voluntarily establish and join organisations of their own choice, including labour unions.

Child Labour
We condemn and will not tolerate use of child labour.

Forced Labour
We condemn and will not tolerate use of forced labour, including involuntary prison labour.

Health and Safety
We strive to provide each employee of NKT with a safe and healthy work environment and will implement precautionary measures to help protect our employees from work related hazards.

Business Integrity

We will act with integrity in our dealings with others.

We will comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Fair Trading
Our business results and competitiveness shall be achieved through ethical and legal business practices. We will not participate in unfair trading and illicit anti-trust activities.

We condemn and will not participate in bribery or other corrupt and fraudulent practices.

Money Laundering
We will not be complicit to money laundering activities.


We are committed to working towards preservation of the environment through sustainable business processes.

We will comply with all applicable environmental regulations.

We will strive to reduce consumption of resources and to limit emission of pollutants from our business activities.

We will handle waste conscientiously in an environmentally safe manner and employ recycling programmes.

The sustainability and competitiveness of our business will be based on ongoing efforts to develop, employ and promote environmentally friendly products and processes.

We will monitor and assess the impact of our business on the environment within selected key areas.

Whistle blower hotline

Your willingness to come forward and report unethical behavior is important to NKT Photonics. Therefore, employees and members of the boards, customers, suppliers, collaborators, business partners and others related to NKT Photonics, are encouraged to come forward with their concerns.

Contact the Whistle-blower Hotline  where you can report either online or by telephone.

The website is operated by Got Ethics, a third-party provider. It is not an emergency service and must be used for reports such as:

  • Serious financial crime
  • Serious breach of environmental, health and/or safety regulations
  • Serious offences directed towards and employee or a business partner

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About NKT Photonics

Honesty and reliability are our core values and conducting responsible business in the heart of all our actions. We are committed to responsible and ethical behaviour and, as an active corporate citizen, we embrace a value-based approach to the way we conduct business around the world.

We are present in a number of countries worldwide and thereby support communities in those markets by creating jobs, growth and a range of government revenues. We will continue to develop our business in a way that benefits our company as well as the communities and economies upon which we depend for future growth.

Our primary economic contribution is the result of our production and sales and we ensure that profits are generated and that taxes and duties are paid.

Respect, responsibility and professionalism are essential behaviours when it comes to applying our business conduct. This goes for every one of us, no matter what we do and where we work in the organisation.

At NKT Photonics we respect and comply with applicable laws and regulations, including international laws, and require our employees and business partners to do likewise.

We want to do right, in everything we do!

Business Code of Conduct

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About NKT Photonics

At NKT Photonics we don’t just supply lasers and sensing systems, we design solutions that bring our customers closer to their goal. Closer to their dream. And we deliver what we promise. Always. We call this concept “Dream Design Deliver” and it has made us one of the fastest growing companies in the laser industry.


State of the art: We want to be a state of the art supplier; Continuously on the technical forefront of commercial products.

Teamwork & collaboration: We encourage teamwork and collaboration across all organizational, geographical and cultural boundaries.

Customer value: By focusing all processes around our customers, we want to become the preferred partner for our customers and set new standards for value of commercial fiber lasers.

Benefit of mankind: We will design products that enables commercial and technological breakthroughs that benefit mankind.


Smart: We will be smarter than our competition in every aspect of our organization and products.

Simple & Ready to Use: We will provide a robust and simplified systems that are ready to use.

Modularized: All products must be modularized so that components and sub-systems can be reused between product lines.


Lean: We will all constantly improve the quality of our processes, products and services. We will do it with open minds to learn and evolve.

Agile: We will adapt fast to changes to maximize our performance.Measured by ability for fast turnaround of off-track projects

Honest: We will be honest in everything we do and keep our promises in all situations.Measurement on delivery on time and project execution

Reliable: We will deliver reliable products of high quality and we will be a reliable partner for our customers.

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