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About Photonic Solutions Ltd

Established in 1999, Photonic Solutions is an independent UK supplier of optoelectronic products to the photonics sector. Recognised as the leading supplier to both research and industry, we have an impressive track record of success due to our solutions based rather than product based focus.

We represent manufacturers with a quality-driven product line and a reputation of providing the highest quality photonics product.We are the exclusive distributor for over 30 internationally renowned manufacturers of world leading laser systems, research grade spectroscopy solutions, cutting edge microscopy and imaging solutions, together with optics, laser diagnostics and detectors for the photonics sector.Staffed by a team of highly qualified optoelectronic specialists, we have a wealth of experience across a wide range of disciplines. Our mission is to provide the highest quality photonic products backed up by the highest quality service and support.

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About Photonic Solutions Ltd

Our laser product range is extensive, offering a range of laser solutions for scientific and industrial applications along with custom products for OEM. Our offering includes:

CW diode and DPSS lasers from Oxxius – wavelengths from 395nm to 1064nm, powers up to 2W, ideal for biophotonics and spectroscopy applications.

Photonic Solutions is also a central stocking hub for Lumentum’s HeNe lasers and we offer HeNe’s with power outputs from 0.5mW to 22.5mW at 632.8nm all from stock.

We pride ourselves in the partnership we have with our customers to provide off-the-shelf products together with customised solutions.

About Photonic Solutions Ltd

Photonic Solutions can provide complete multiphoton microscope solutions for in-vivo imaging applications from Femtonics together, an extensive range of lasers for integration into both confocal and two photon laser scanning microscopes and the industry leading THz camera from i2s which offers unparalleled sensitivity for non-destructive testing.

We also offer the Becker & Hickl highly modular fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM) systems based on time correlated single photon counting (TCSPS) technology. These systems are available as upgrades to any laser scanning microscope to enable confocal or multiphoton FLIM.We offer an extensive range of lasers for microscopy applications such as multiphoton microscopy, optogenetics, coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS) and stimulated Raman scattering (SRS). All can be readily integrated into both confocal and two photon laser scanning microscopes.

About Photonic Solutions Ltd

Within our spectroscopy product range you will find a comprehensive range of modular spectroscopy equipment and photovoltaic testing systems from Sciencetech, the full range of miniature spectrometers from Ocean Optics and, as the exclusive UK distributor of Becker & Hickl‘s photon counting equipment, you can find their complete portfolio of time correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) equipmentlight sources and spectrographs. For applications requiring  scientific grade CCDs then we can offer the Zion from Jireh Scientific which is optimised for low light level applications.

Spectroscopy is an ever expanding part of our business and we are pleased to be able to offer the extensive range of highly configurable continuous and flash solar simulators from Sciencetech.

About Photonic Solutions Ltd

For positioning equipment choose from 3D positioning equipment from 3DOptix or miniature closed-loop micro-positioning systems from New Scale Technologies. New Scales’ micro-positioners offer unparalleled accuracy with low power consumption from an ultra-compact footprint ideal for OEM integration.

To complement our laser portfolio we offer a wide range of laser accessories, including laser diagnostic equipment, laser dyeslaser safety eyewear and laser optics.

We offer a diverse range of detectors covering the full spectral range. These range from GaAs and InGaAs variants that are ideal for measuring laser beam outputs to simple silicon and cadmium mercury telluride detectors, and then to complete detector heads for single photon counting applications.

For full spectral and temporal characterisation of your laser system we offer the complete range of APE laser diagnostic equipment encompassing autocorrelators, pulse pickers and spiders.

Optical rotators & isolators and an extensive range of standard and custom bandpass filters can all be provided by Photonic Solutions.

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