XIA LLC develops and sells advanced signal processors for use with X-ray and gamma-ray detectors and related instruments for applications in research, industry and homeland security. Our core technology of high-performance digital pulse processors is available in flexible stand-alone instruments, dedicated embedded configurations, including OEM applications, and large multi-channel installations. From low power, hand-held spectrometry through extremely high count rate applications to integrated systems for multi-element detectors, XIA provides robust, high performance solutions that advance the state of the art yet are affordably priced.In addition to our x-ray and gamma-ray instruments, the UltraLo low background alpha-particle counter is employed for quality control in the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

XIA is based in Hayward, California, on the east side of San Francisco Bay. Our multi-lingual staff currently support product sales in over 30 countries on six continents.

31057 Genstar Road
Hayward, CA 94544

Tel: +1-510-401-5760
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email: sales@xia.com

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